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  • uwin2day4gd uwin2day4gd Apr 30, 2013 11:05 AM Flag

    All of the hokey numbers to drill a well do not show the total costs

    That is just to put the well structure in.Then you have infrastructure maintenance,operating expenses.Taxes upon taxes state and USA.The only figure that counts is product delivered and hedging costs.But wait,what about any transport costs.I am sure there are lots of extra costs not even mentioned.This is not Exxon 6 per barrel cost to produce in Saudi Arabia.Then you have a huge pile of debt to pay back.All of the glorified pumping is just that .Not all is as it seems.

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    • Congrats to Saudi, the can produce cheap oil. Nobody said they couldn't. Can they produce 18MM bpd? Nope, not even close. Therefore others produce and a higher cost, including the Bakken. Saudi makes a killing per bbl, but the price of oil is set on what the last bbl of demand costs to get it to market. Which means, others, such as KOG are making money too.

    • Oil will stay in the $85 - $95 range all year. With so much debt, I see this stock going to $5/share. This whole economy is going to crash hard soon. I think I will buy food and ammo instead of oil.

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      • Good Lord you are dark this morning. Well--as long as the Fed keeps feeding the banks, the markets will float along. On the other hand, the economy is, and has been, on the rocks for almost seven years. With a 2% growth rate and an inflation rate that, adjusted, is at least 5%, we have negative growth. That is a fact. So--your scenario of a crash is not reasonable. We have already done that. Now--money markets will drop like a rock in the next several years (read Roubini on this--not today's articles, but those from December when he predicted a drop by year's end). But, for you, unless you are unemployed, economic life will slog along as it has. It is time for the 99%--us--to redefine the American Dream. I, for one, have done that, and it is not to be pursued seriously in money markets, to be certain. I wish you well.

      • ROTFLMMFAO !!

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