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  • acm718 acm718 May 11, 2013 3:21 AM Flag

    Is this the best play in the booming north Dakota oil industry?

    Do you guys view them as the no.1 option in the region? Thx for the help

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    • Maybe your research should start here:

      Do they have the best location to the Anticline (Uppermost part of the formation for maximum recovery)?

      Has the Company proved and secured their leases? (HBP Held By Production)

      What is theCompany's "take away capacity" for oil & gas distribution?

      Where are they in their development of the infrastructure for disposing of the water separated from their oil?

      What is the ratio for debt to equity and the STRUCTURE of that debt for the Company?

      And most importantly, is the company's operations concentrated in a specific geographic area and is it the RIGHT AREA?

      Or is that "BEST AREA" a small percentage of the company's total operations?

      Oh, one more thing, is the company closely held (e.g.: 70%) and is that owner going through a divorce?


    • YES (Hopefully)