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  • symon_says_ symon_says_ Aug 23, 2013 3:49 PM Flag

    What's happening?

    I wonder how many wizards sold at $9.99 and are waiting for that pullback?

    You may have a long wait.

    The wells that KOG has been pumping money into at record rates are finally coming to the fore with their 30-day rates and reserves values in the clouds.

    In fact it wouldn't surprise me if KOG has doubled it's production since the May report on their website.

    Some of that is from acquired acreage of course and not from drilling, but it's all going to the bank to pay for interest payments and more drilling.

    We are exactly half way through the 3rd quarter, when most of what KOG has been up to, since last fall will become a matter of record.

    Even those records will be broken and new projections will emerge soon thereafter.

    Peterson has said that he expects KOG to be self-funding with their drilling schedule by mid 2014.

    That would be a milestone if he can achieve it.

    Meanwhile we have the rare glimpse of watching all of the pieces come together right under our noses and still people still can't see it.

    What's that old adage: "There are three kinds of people; the ones that make things happen, those that watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened?"

    Well it's happening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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