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  • demont1 demont1 Nov 1, 2013 6:16 AM Flag

    here we are in the cc morning and another miss of the number is logged in. but

    that is how it is at kog. the longs will be bending the numbers like last quarter from a miss by .12 to a beat by .16. its so hilarious to see adults in true denial. I am a trader it doesn't mean a thing to me if they hit or miss because I make my money off the fools that invest and back scams like kog. they the long sheep on here have lost the conection to reality. if you go to other adult populated message boards you see facts and thought out opinions on here its polotics and taint lickers. to invest with your heart instead of your brain is foolish and usualy ends bad. the truth is never cited. we made the money on kog between 3.00 - and 9.00, then it was stuck from 8.00 to 9.50 for 2 years now it seems the chanel moved up a bit and is going to be 11,00 to 13.50. but to a trader it don't matter because we make it if it goes up or down. if you longs could jest understand one truth its if you buy and hold you can only make money if a stock goes up and don't come down, but stocks DO GO UP AND DOWN. as you saw kog got stuck for 2 years and the longs got zero and I made 7 figures on the 9.56 down to 7.28 drop. as long as the cost of drilling the most expensive wells by kog as one of the smallest outfits, and not paying the bills, this garbage will continue to bring in revenue with no profit. the lies will flow again on the cc today and a drop early and about 1pm a retracement and down the chanel we go till the next earning. its so sad to watch.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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