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  • gobrokefast gobrokefast Jan 3, 2014 10:43 AM Flag

    Two years ago today KOG was trading at $10.34. There have been 1000's of

    posts touting KOG as the next stock to "double or triple" in the next year. Saying KOG is the buy of the year. Best stock in the oil patch. Endless drivel by the paid pumpers as the executives dump shares by the millions. Many oil stocks have actually double, tripled and more in that time period. KOG is up 34 CENTS. Just facts folks, not endless paid pumping drivel. KOG is one of the WORST performing stocks in the oil patch the past two year. ONE OF THE WORST.

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    • I read your analysis and it has worth but you fail miserably to see thedevelopment that have happened in the last two years. Your are incrediblely unfair because you haved not g ven any credence to what the company has done in the last two years. Can you say honestly say that the company in the last two years has not improved? No, you are a deceiver. This company based on just the accounting has improved in its production of oil and that is what countts. The greatest obstacle to wealth is the lack of patience! And you are a prime example of that mind set!!

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      • There is only ONE way to rate the value of one's stock investment radriano. That is the PRICE of a share of the companies stock. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY. Who the hell are you trying to fool? I don't give a rats #$%$ if they are pumping 1000 barrels a day or 1 million barrels a day the company is worth not a dime more than the stock is trading for. Patience, what the hell does that have to do with my comment on the stock price from two years ago and today? I am making an actual factual comparison. That said, I will be more than happy to sell you my shares tomorrow for $20 per share as you think that is what they are worth it appears. Let me know. I will even give you a deal and sell them for $19. You my friend are the deceiver if you won't buy my shares tomorrow for $19.

    • Just another down day for KOG on an up day for the markets.

    • wingoat_wrestles_demont_naked wingoat_wrestles_demont_naked Jan 3, 2014 10:46 AM Flag

      GoPeeFast....You haven't told the message board about the pumping that your butt-buddy Chad the cad gave you today...Does he call your hemorrhoids speed bumps when he's penetrating you with his manly love rocket??

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