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  • benjaminfrancis67 benjaminfrancis67 Jan 31, 2014 1:33 AM Flag

    KOG Confidential Wells

    As of one hour ago, i counted 86 KOG wells scheduled to come off the confidential well list BEFORE July 12th. Thats only half way through the year and doesn't include the wells released already this year!!!!!! Glad to be a long , even though the short term can be hard to look at.

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    • We're going to be getting some fair prices soon, for those with investment time frames.

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    • If each of those wells (which may initially be between 1000 Bpd and 2500 Bpd) produces even 200 Bpd a year from now, then thats an additional 17,200 Bpd production. Piggy back that with more wells coming on line July through the end of the year and production may be through the roof.

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      • They also have permits waiting to be approved, More 12 well pads, I had those counted with the confidential list, two -- three weeks ago and there were over 100 wells of inventory to be worked this year. look at the dmr map T154 - 98W sections 26,27,34,35 Kodiaks, 1st 12 well pilot complete, with four drilling in the next pilot pad. Drilling T Depth southward on the DSU. Those 12 wells have IP'D very good, 1500 -2200 bopd average if I remember correctly. Then look at Stat oil on T 153 - 98W sections 25,26,35,36 Four sections south and they are drilling there wells northward on the DSU landing TD towards Kodiak. They released four wells from tight hole a week or so and they were excellent wells IP over 3000 bopd to 3700 bopd It is just a matter of time when they hit the big one, and I think they are both in that hot spot. GLTA

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