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  • demont1 demont1 Feb 17, 2014 10:21 AM Flag

    looks like an other lowering of the target number for earnings. they started out at .26 cents then,


    they dropped it to 22 cents, and then to 19 cents and now its at 18 cents. when you get to lower the target every other week it makes it easy to hit. but wait not this steaming garbage pile they lower it so they don't miss as bad over and over every quarter but one in last 3 years. this is done by not reporting the 4th quarter earnings till 60 days after the quarter ends. now for the few of you that actually can read a stock chart, look back 9 monthes to the week before last earnings kog was climbing to 14.08 the week or so before earnings, the preliminating numbers promised a big number. BUT WHAT HAPPENED? with in 3 days[ the don't have to be true ] numbers were found to be the usual lies. well that set off the sell off of a 4,00 drop from 14.08 to 10.12. they said they hit the number with made up lies. last week they did the same thing and broke 12.00 for 20 min. and already started down. this time even with the dropping of the target it will be a lot more of a drop. the head liar will talk the same multi pad promise, and we will know latter in the year how the pilot holers are doing, that's a standard lie used every conf. call for 2 years. I think its hilarious that adults get feed the same song and dance story, and they eat it like candy, how sad.

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