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  • kadenstorm kadenstorm Feb 26, 2014 10:56 AM Flag

    Possible reason for drop this morning


    OAS missed on it's expected earnings last night.

    However, the 'earnings miss was caused by higher costs, especially LOE and these were mostly due to the Q4 acquisition with weather having a fairly small impact. Management think it will take 2 quarters to get the acquisition fully integrated into OAS' operating methods and by then the costs will be completely back in line'.

    Comparing KOG to OAS obviously isn't an apples to apples comparison then. We did not have an acquisition and our expense structure will be much different.

    The only down side to this, is that we might not see any type of rebound until after earnings tomorrow. I still think we will exceed expectations. As usual, the hedging will be the big unknown and I don't have any numbers on that.

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    • This action is not unusual. Kodiak is doing well by increasing proven reserves, and production while reducing costs. Some folks have decided to get out before the earnings report.
      So what. If earnings expectations are not met, the stock will go down a little I would be concerned
      about expectations vs. reality if either of 2 things were true: 1) KOG's fundamental position were weak and they quit finding oil and had increased costs per well or 2) an oil guy who knew the facts on the ground
      were making the predictions

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    • It is down with other oil stocks, but with that being said the gov't is worried about the safety issue of shipping oil by rail, especially Bakken ..

    • Kaden--I am praying that you are right--but i think we are seeing insider sales today--this is the manipulation side of the equation--I think we are about to get blasted out of the water and the only good thing about today is it will blunt the blow--I fear KOG is about to send me and others back to the stone age.

    • you don't need to makje up reasons the reason is clear this stock is going to miss and mabe even have a neg. number tomorrow. the rest of the oilers are going up tri8angle is up 20 cents and this losers down about .50 and its going a lot farther. I don't know how long the liars coul;d get away with the fraud but the jig is up. when a small outfit with no money and its value in debt has a really bad quarter they get crushed and im glad they have been exposed. since mid oct this trash has been in a down swing and it isn't going to stop. I hope you all stay long then when its 5.00 I will load up.

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