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  • chad121177 chad121177 Apr 27, 2014 10:49 PM Flag

    Will a Recent Proposal Slow Oil Production in the Bakken?

    The North Dakota Industrial Commission is mulling a proposal to slow the state's oil production in the Bakken to control natural gas burn-off at well sites. But oil companies want to fix the situation themselves, possibly by installing natural-gas-gathering pipes before well permits are issued and possibly adding fueling stations at the well sites.

    In this video, Fool contributor Tyler Crowe and energy analyst Joel South discuss whether the commission's plan has any chance of being imposed and whether pure plays such as Kodiak Oil and Gas (NYSE: KOG ) or Triangle Petroleum (NYSEMKT: TPLM ) would be hurt by it.

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    • Easiest way to fix it is to change the held by production laws. By making companies drill 1-off wells all over the state, just to hold the land, they are creating this situation. If a company was allowed to develop their land using a reasonable land, they are able to put in gathering lines prior to wells coming online, just KOG did for the Polar / Kuala acreage. But they would never put in a whole system for 1 wildrose well.

      Major problem is still with the downstream gas processing plants which can't handle all the production. You'll see that even in KOG's production areas that are tied into gather systems, they still only sell about 60%-70% of the gas produced.

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      • Hey IDIOT who says that 15 before 13 just a week ago, and also says 12.87 was a no brainer after KOG was DOWN during a 700 point rally.... I've been here longer than you idiot. I'm long Jan calls but unlike you, i like to look at possible negatives that could impact the pps. You show what a pea brain you are with your 100% cheerleading posts. Nothing could negatively affect the pps could it? If OIL crashed to $50, you would say that would be good for KOG and if KOG came out and said they are revising down significantly from previous estimates, you would say that would be awesome. You are just as dumb as Kaden and all his 1,000's of aliases.