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  • djchappe10 djchappe10 Dec 5, 2003 12:41 PM Flag

    I love the way this stock

    I agree with you. A stock like this, all you have to do is look to see if it has enough cash to make it another few quarters, but rnwk has more than enough and their cash burn is not so much. Debt is low.

    This one can definately be traded. I just wonder what the bottom will be.

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    • Bottom? Well, I just changed a 1k buy order to 5.01, FWIW.

      IMHO, we are viewing a carefully-planned, skillfully executed price march down, tight control to prevent collapse or squeeze, micro-managing lo vol. The past 5 days look like carpenter-constructed steps down to some basement.

      In service of what or who? I have no idea.

      For the last 3 years, RNWK has hit a peak each year in the last week of May. Doesn't make sense, but. Maybe I will be holding my RNWK for longer than I thought. lol.

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      • 5.01? Wow,I thought I would be lucky to get 5.15 today but you never know. Often you can see a dramatic capitulation at the end of a day like this. We'll see....

      • I sold this stock back 2 months ago... always watching it-- and kind of look it as a somewhat value play.. they have quite a lot of cash and I really like my investments to have a lot of free cash and especially 0 dept.. they have some dept-- 100million.. I do not UNDERSTAND-- WHY DID THEY BORROW THE MONEY?? THEY HAVE YET TO DO ANYTHING WITH IT.. 100 MILLION DOLLARS?? just THINK of the INTEREST.. WOOOOOW.. 2% Alone= 2 million a year.. 4% interest= 4 million a year.. so what is this 100million doing?? do they have it in a account bearing more interest than the loan.. actually I thought by now they would of or had a purchase they are working on.. , nothing they couldn't pay off.. .. I really like infospace balance sheet~~!! I really believe REAL'S breaking DOWN though the 5 dollar mark is going to rather hard for realnetworks..-- and just bought back in-- at 5.18.. I think a lot of buyers are looking at the 5.dollar mark as a buy spot.. enough looking at 5.01-5.06.. and I believe enough "like me that willing to spend additional 10-15 cents a share--JUST think this is friday and traditionally in the past a lot of the best buys are a friday-- many times lows are hit on friday.. I realize this company has thick competition on every front-- and it is ahead of its time-- its business models are unproven wish it had a solid area of profitability in just one area to create positive revenue to hold the ship afloat-- the good news is that they have just about reached a positive cash flow position and they have enough revenue to weather the storm-- HOWEVER: Question is Competition and the realplayer? whos using it?? it sucks that Microsoft constantly gets away with using there Operating system to gain leverage in different areas and they have Netscaped many a company in the process-- how many more years before something is done about this?-- how can a company compete with this?? unless you take the SUCK-- AOL WAY-- place a MILLION DISK on Virtually every STREET CORNER .. .. enough said. ))-- .. I personally believe rob glasser is a FIGHTER~~! And refuses to quite.. say what you want .. this guy does not take defeat- if you look back in the history of the successful companies and read into the profiles of the people who ran them, this is a attribute that the top dog always seemed to have-- ROB GLASSER Fits the BILL..... - anyone who makes VIP of Microsoft.. and if that is not enough wants more~~ starts his own company~ How many of us here have the same drive and bulldog attitude.. .. I would say this guy is flat out incredible and would want this guy on my side in any business battle.. I know a lot of people on this Message board have shown there displeasure with realnetworks and rob glasser thinking he should be replaced. However Rob and realnetworks are still standing and still fighting a hard battle granted they have yet to hit the killer application- and facing enemies on every front.. .. just look at the fact that every time they seem to be the leaders with new inventive business models and ideas-- then comes Microsoft, yahoo and others~~ they are being watched on every front~~ seems to me if they keep trying long enough REAL.. eventually will hit a Home run.. IM WATCHING.. Honestly I do NOT consider myself a long term investor.. I have always been invested in realnetworks.. about 1-10 months a year.. .. I tried long term investing once.. I SUCKED.. I like more of short term strategy-- always watching my positions.. and looking for entry and exit points-sometimes they longer and sometimes short.. BESIDES IT MUCH MORE ENJOYABLE.... I have been starbucks since 22--bucks. .. and infospace-- at 5.50-- now real.. I invested at 3.50 and got out 6.45... Now long again.. see how long this time~~ top out.. maybe 5.70 .. hahaha..

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