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  • maxb3535 maxb3535 Oct 2, 1998 10:20 AM Flag

    Reason for today's drop:

    In case you missed it DAVX just dropped 1 3/8 to about 7.5. I am also skeptical about averaging down on this one. Good luck.

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    • Does any body know what is going on - other than the revenue shortfall. also when are the quarterly earning due. I am getting shafted again. Should have taken my losses and gotten out at 12.

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      • We all should have taken our loses but now it's
        too late. What I can tell you is that the company is
        still stucturally sound and that it's long term
        prospects remain very bright. The carnage is being brought
        down on this company because Al is a fucking dick who
        wouldn't know how to communicate with wall street if his
        life depended on it. The aquisition slowed them down
        for two to three quarters and the wall strret scum
        bags kicked the crap out of Davox because they saw no
        need to sit on a compay that will not ramp back up
        until 4th quarter '98, possibly 1st qtr '99. The core
        issues are that Al has not painted a clear vision to the
        inverstment communty how the aqusition of Answersoft will
        benefit Davox in the long term, combined with the fact
        that I don't think All knows how to restucture the
        company to get the proper economies of scale necessary to
        steer this company in the right direction.

42.33+2.18(+5.43%)4:00 PMEDT