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  • bballerbynature bballerbynature Apr 15, 2013 9:01 PM Flag

    Tried to tell u clowns what was going to happen today but u wouldn't listen

    Tplm is a PIG stock and will always be a PIG stock. Those clueless analyst with those $8,$9,$10,and $11 price targets have zero credibility. And folks u haven't seen nothin yet; when the earnings are releases u will see this PIG stock hit a new 52 week low before u can grab your late morning coffee. When I told u that TPLM's last run into the $7's was a complete joke and that TPLM would never and I mean never close in the $7's again I was dead serious. Please, never question my wisdom again. I tried to help many of you from feeling this pain but u r all brainwashed. TPLM is nothing but a ponzu scheme heading straight to zero. TPLM is a total PIG and has been from the day it was publicly traded. Again folks if you think the carnage today was bad u ain't seen nothin yet. TPLM will be crushed like the pig #$%$ that it is. I will continue shorting this pig into oblivion. Shorting this PIG is truly like printing money. Nothing should be this easy.

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