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  • limitspecs38 limitspecs38 Jun 10, 2013 11:26 PM Flag

    You think the TPLM Shorts are having fun yet?

    TPLM stock price up almost 17% the past 3 days................There were almost 4 million short shares on May 15th and the next 2 quarters for TPLM will show tremendous growth in their businesses/revenue/earnings...............and all these short shares will just add more fuel to the fire................thank you gmoney, bballer and bigunit...............not that I want you guys to lose $ but you are an appreciated part of the process............

    btw, I think the g in gmoney stands for "gone"..............

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    • youre welcome,glad you had fun,and if you were smart you took profits yest 'sell on good news'
      today Im locking in and doubling Down,terrific opty to average down from a higher short position with more room to fall,nothing has changed,flaws still apparent,great opportunity here....but for whom???

      • 3 Replies to bigunitniner
      • management has met or exceeded almost all of their projections, they have a good handle on the specs of their Mckenzie holdings.... Impressive focus on maximizing cost savings through 1) application of technology (like using lower weight ceramic proppant; fraking wells remotely so they can drill and frak from the same spot (could dramatically decrease time from spud to production; testing how to minimize well depth spacing, and optimize fraking processes, to maximize well production; etc), their solid progress toward pipeing everyrthing (gas, oil, water- no more flaring gas, all production will now be sold, increasing margins) except proppant (with waste water shipped to their own waste well), and Rockpile growing and executing (good to see them adding new customers, and getting solid results for prior customers).... Low debt to EBITDA plus 50 M revolving credit with no plans (or current need, now that all segments are contributing to earnings) to tap credit markets until they are in better financial shape in terms of EPS etc, so they can get lower rates.... Peter Hill chairing it all..... Similar acreage selling for a pretty penny..... Overall strikes me their execution and vision are solid... Negatives are I also wish rockpile backlog was deeper, and string of insider sales (chairman Hill sold 10k shares in feb, CEO Samuels has sold 60k shares in last 4 months) not inspiring. But Hill sells regularly, and insiders still highly vested. And The large scale institutional selling that drove price below 5 (which was what got me interested!) looks completely done, although short interest (through 5/15) has continued its rise since start of year, will be interesting to see how short interest changes if TPLM develops a string of increasingly profitable quarters (which seems likely now tha all segments making positive contributions)

      • bigunit - not only for whom but also when - depending on time horizon.............I'm not much of a flipper even though I sold a few shares in the lower 7's.......There may be short term short money to be made but there will be a greater chance of higher profits on the next 2 quarters............too many times, people flip when they should have flopped................TPLM is going quite a bit higher this year

      • alliedmike Jun 11, 2013 8:42 AM Flag

        What exactly are you basing your short on? I don't care whos short or long, I've made my own decisions..but I am open to alternate points of view. For me, a third full time rig, with a fourth part time rig will be huge. Rockpile coming on strong, although I would like to see a bigger backlog. Caliber processing nat gas here shortly, and will only continue to add to revenues. Lowering well costs going forward. Management is clearly starting to execute on their long term plan here, and everything is coming together. So those are my thoughts that support my long position... Lets here yours..

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