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  • blu10duck blu10duck Oct 8, 2013 12:01 PM Flag

    buying opp here....

    new buyers been waiting for this day.......don't be surprised when it bounces back.....

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • You are right. The Democrats have brought us a buying opportunity. The Obama Rally LOL Seriously this stock is heading seriously north from here. More capacity coming on line in just days. Obama's lack of an Energy policy makes companies such as this one a real potential hero breakout. No keystone pipeline which is a mistake but the Dakotas are a blessing that we are on land not owned by the government. We could be the biggest energy power in the world if Obama cared about creating jobs and growing the economy rather than developing a substandard socialist , job killing , health care program. The health care does require change but this is absolutely what you get when our elected servants do not even read the bills and turn over the policy writing to socialists. Hello England , Germany . We have a leader who despises being a world leader .

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 2 Replies to fabricone1
      • fabricone, I agree with all of your post except that you put the words obama and leader in the same sentence. Tying the word "leader" to Obama is an insult to Webster dictionary which defines leader........these 2 words don't belong together in the same sentence, same paragraph or even on the same page............

        now the words pathetic, joke, failure, amateur, spineless, apologizer are much more fitting................

      • It is the Republicans who cower before the 23 Tea Party Faeries who brought us this buying opportunity. We may disagree as to which group of a-holes brought us this opportunity, but we can agree that it has been nice buy a few more shares at lower prices. I picked up shares yesterday at .86 down, turn to the east, bowed three times and whispered to the Lord: "Thank-you for creating 23 Tea Party Fairies a a whole squadron of Republican chickens--castratos, every one!

    • I used the opportunity. Nothing has changed. They are still executing and are projected to earn $0.80 current year and $1.06 next year. Stock price will move up. There will be some dips along the way, but I can wait and don't want to be left behind. I think I will be very happy with the stock performance in the future.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • What the hell is going on today?

    • Picked up some April $10 calls to give my position a little more bang for the buck.

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