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  • averagephysique Dec 13, 2013 9:50 AM Flag

    ill buy back around 8.50

    we still have taper fears next week. always a sell off before that.

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    • Look, so much speculation going on here that is really just overdone. The stock had a good run, it had a rocky ER with both positives and negatives. but it has a great outlook for 2014. Traders decided to get out and come back for next QTR. It's just that simple. Not every sell off is about panic, but rather taking profits and moving it elsewhere for a month or so because it's not fruitful to hold during what will be a very weak period. I do it all of the time. Stocks with so/so earnings will always trend down after ER and then trend back a month before the next ER.

      Longs who talk about being in it for the long haul shouldn't be commenting every day since you already admit that your long. Those of us who trade daily/weekly/monthly momentum will buy and sell this several times over during that same period.

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      • I have read a lot of stupid posts on this board, but you get the prize. Only shorts and traders should be permitted to comment here every day and longs are disqualified from daily comments? The longs who do their homework, understand the fundamentals of this company, read news releases, upgrades, downgrades, the details of production reports and take issue with the fools who appear here should be censored or banned and not permitted to share? Who made you the ruler of the Yahoo Financial message boards? Nothing wrong with being a day trader or a short, do some day trading myself, but make this board exclusively yours? Another fool.

    • The stock is clearly in free fall and I will be a buyer, but with a forward PE of 10.10 this is one of those senseless sell offs that really kills the markets claims of being "efficient". FB has a forward PE of about 48 and all they have is 1s and 0s in a server. Does anyone even believe FB, the current iteration of MySpace, will even exist in its current form in 5 to 10 years? What a joke. A company exhibiting TPLM's level of growth and future prospects deserves a higher PE. Unless of course you think oil is a passing fad...

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      • I realize that Cramer is not always a very good source for careful speculation, however, he says that investors are staying away from the oils, the Marathons, and by implication, the Bakken players, That seems to be the case in spades for TPLM. I think that TPLM is still a good long-term pick, but wonder now what that means--long-term. The global supply stars are not lining up--however, TPLM production stars are lining up. Global demand is heating up, but not at a big enough clip to eat up supply. So--what are we really talking about when we all defer to the idea that TPLM is a long-term investment (others have been saying that for several years which tends to water down the meaning of the term). Any thoughts?

    • Taperhas nothing to do with why TPLM is getting crushed. Look at the chart. I am long, but the charts say support isn't until mid 6s. A huge gap to fill down to about high 6s from here. Very depressing

    • most likely correct, I want to see this become oversold on the weekly chart then you can fire away.

    • No taper. All the selling last week was taper and year end inspired. Taper may be an issue for march. Bernanke and Yellen do not want to pull that string to early it would waste an excellent but expensive strategy with not enough to show for it. I did not get the exact bottom here but I am close enough as I am back in and expect this stock to remarkable in 2014. For many reasons including price pressure on oil and the rising production and transportation costs. Demand is growing in the Pacific Rim , Brazil, India and China. Natural gas while an important resource is not going to be able to become a mass substitution product for oil anytime soon. If there is a war or even a serious threat the blockage on middle east supply will have an explosive impact on pricing as well. This is a low cost strategic producer with a services and transportation strategy that makes them very unique for a young rising company. Couple that with an able management team and you have the formula for a get rich investment. Some will sell shares too cheaply and lose through lost opportunity of not owning it for a long time. others will fret over if we have seen a bottom or not. Will 0.50 - 0.75 make a difference when it is selling at 20...30....40 a share ? This is not the time to be too clever by half in my opinion.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • You are not doing anyone on this board a service by talking about a share price of 20...30...40. The Bakken is the toughest place on earth to drill. It is also the most expensive place on earth to drill and the oil produced is currently selling at the cheapest price in the world. Small cap companies in the Bakken are struggling to get from red to black. TPLM is one of the few that has managed to carefully invest in infrastructure, well cost cutting, production efficiency and cheaper ways to market. The income to RockPile and Caliber Midstream do not depend on the price of oil so they are not affected by market swings. TPLM is a long term play. Nobody gonna get rich overnight and we need to keep a proper perspective and stop the cheerleading and pumping and just help each other when you find something that affects us all as investors and share it.

    • You are the biggest BSer I have seen in awhile. That includes the SSN board lol.

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