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  • bagholder11 bagholder11 Mar 7, 2014 10:17 AM Flag

    analysts have sandbagged TPLM's earnings estimates

    how do next year's earnings rise only 5% when revenue is projected to increase 74%? if anything, earnings typically rise by more than revenue on a percentage basis. i'd expect the stock to have a run into earnings, realizing earnings are still over a month away.

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    • lets remember last quarter ended at the end of January so they have 2 solid months of very ugly weather. On the plus side the gathering system has a lot of their stuff hooked in. On the down side fracking, Rockpile, might be hurt badly.

      That said the summer months look very bright with the third Rockpile spread coming online just as spring rolls in

    • Even a good day brings little joy now---I feel total disillusionment with TPLM. I feared the SSNification of this company--I communicated with them to get a better sense of their sense of mission--and I have read, with serious interest, everything written about them (not much when compared to KOG and MHR. Even here, there are just a few of us left engaging in conversation. There is so little interest in a company that was hyped as promising but has shown that it can neither promote itself, nor make a meaningful profit.

      I realize some of you feel differently--I respect your views and, in some cases, act on your observations and counsel. But I am just a few steps away from selling it all (in stages), taking my loss, and moving my funds to a more progressive baby oil or out of oil all together. The sector is not as promising as I thought it would be and, frankly, TPLM is not a player with any special strategic advantage. I thought they were. Moreover, the management team is too reactionary and lethargic to hold my interest for much longer.

    • Just hearing you say this, intensifies my fear about next earnings report.

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      • would you buy this stock today, at this price, with current fundamentals? if not, sell and establish some lessons learned (could you hedging with covered calls? Do you pay attention to asset allocation, position size, stop loss rules, staggering buys? Have you exceeded your capacity for loss? what is your time frame? ) . Living life full of fear is much worse than taking a loss on a stock, for goodness sake use your intelligence to learn

      • fear is not a bad thing. Increased understanding may abate fear.. I do not like the current price action. It destroyed a chart that had a very strong, normally dependable pattern. The fundamentals are driving the stock and eps is not looking good according to the sellers. What to do ? For me wait as I have always been a 12 month horizon guy here for the 20 target. Everyone laughs at that . We will see. we will see.

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