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  • thetrdr thetrdr Mar 10, 2014 11:52 AM Flag

    Bought back in, You really should have covered - Short squeeze next

    Coiled spring here. Excellent growth. Shorts soon to be crushed.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I don't see a coiled spring but you are correct about a bounce coming. The stock has really been moving the last day into an oversold position.Need some basing for the coiled spring though.This is an exciting ride. Just pull the chart back to 12 months and you will see a story. You can decide how it will go from here. I have decided that the stock will do as well as it deserves to do. The growth that is forecasred is marvelous . If results indicate that the forecast is even remotely correct there will be no holding it down by the Kadens or Marvins. This is the real deal IMO. Management may be young and needs a little more seasoning but they are smart. You can teach someone to be smart. You are or your not. Both Marvin and Kaden with their phoney long point of view are very smart but long term they are wrong here.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Fab--if you will return to your less presumptuous and generally affable self, will you please offer up your thoughts as to where TPLM is relative to meeting EPS? Also---I, and others, aware of your view of the positive effects of advancing growth, would be delighted hear your interpretation of why so many baby oils are taking it so hard right now. Do you see this as just one of those cyclical downturns, or do you see something of a more universal nature brewing among the distant tea leaves? I am asking sincerely--hoping to lure you back into helpful and enjoyable conversation.

      • Either you woke up on the wrong side of bed or the bedlam in baby oils has really upset you. Perhaps distress is unnerving you. If you want to persist in thinking that I am short, you can, but I detest shorting--have never done it--and never will. It is obvious that some of our favorite long holds--in my case, KOG, MHR, and TPLM are getting hammered. This is a sector problem at the moment and will right itself (at least, I hope it will)--but there are a number of tilting economic and political inflection points converging. All the talk about growth is getting stampeded by uncertainty (yet again, right?) So--down go the baby oils.

        However much I favor TPLM, it has not recovered much from its last earning debacle. I don't know how much management is to blame for this, but I do know that this kind of #$%$ recovery is not good, especially a month out from earning. KOG has a production machine that will pull it out of the temporary whipsaw and MHR is Ng rich in the event we start selling oil to Europe. What about TPLM? What is their relative advantage? If they can't cut a profit out of big production increases (and come on Fab, that is the present case), then I have plenty of reason to be concerned. You have become petulant (though still civil) in your communications--I wonder if this betrays your more serious concerns, too? Anyway--all the concern concentrated in a thimble won't change a thing. We are all continuing to get battered--here, there, and everywhere.

    • Wrong. EPS growth not that great.

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