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  • twinpiper twinpiper Oct 2, 2012 3:45 PM Flag

    Can American Airlines be Saved?

    The answer is sadly probably not, and thousands of people will lose their jobs and stock holders will lose their money. All the little mechanical problems they're now having, is it sabotage? More than likely, probably yes. American Airlines will more than likely go the way of Pan Am. Eastern Airlines, National Airlines and Braniff to name just a few. But, and it's a big but, you have to think for a moment, what could possibly make so many employees working for such a once great company turn against them. The answer is DUMB, STUPID AND GREEDY MANAGEMENT. When the company was in the same condition as the Titanic 10 minutes after hitting the iceberg and everyone knew it was going down, the company went to the unions on bended knee, and asked for a 30% give-back of the salaries of all Union employees. The employees realized the serious trouble the company was in, and begrudgingly agreed to accept that huge pay cut as they wanted to save their jobs and the company. Now here's where the nuclear tipped torpedo hits the company. After the Unions agreed to such a huge pay cut what does management do at the end of the year? They give all the top executives multi-million dollar year end bonuses. It's beyond my credulity to say, "What Were They Thinking" Human nature kicked-in, and as much as most probably still want their jobs, the feeling there is probably F-Them. This new and recent talk about new layoffs of mechanics and other ground help was probably the final straw, and I seriously doubt the company will survive given the hard feelings that exist at American Airlines today.

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