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  • candewish candewish Oct 25, 2012 4:15 PM Flag

    "We know you have other choices, thank you for flying American Airlines"

    Just completed an AA round trip - a choice of last resort. Related to about 20 employees,
    and all were polite and helpful. Didn't find an unhappy, grumbling or surly employee this
    trip. But the nickel and dime management policies, late arrivals and inability to select
    two seats together without paying more for them (6 weeks in advance), made me an
    unhappy camper. Thanks, but no thanks - AA remains a choice of last resort.

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    • Aside from the powerful minority of union extremists AMR's most valuable asset is the enormous body of highly skilled employees ...The current distress of the entire airline industry can be charged more to bungled government policy than any deficiency of management ...In any case , a chain is no stronger than its weakest link .....A restoration of health to the entire airline industry will require sensible cooperation by all factions ...We are not yet at this goal....The solution may yet prove to be some form of return to regulation as a last resort means of establishing economic order.'A.Kahn's pipedream has demonstrably produced decades of chaos and billions of loss for all parties ,,,,employees , stockholders and banks