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  • rogerjames55346 rogerjames55346 Nov 29, 2012 6:23 PM Flag

    Put some Wings on a Twinkie and you've got AMR....

    The Pilot's Union will KILL this airline dead if they don't merge with US Air. Believe it.

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    • The most logical and beneficial option for the creditors is obviously a prompt liquidation of this whole mess , to at least recover something now instead of nothing later . .... Only a fool would invest more good money into this bottomless pit .The billions required can be better invested elsewhere with a much more favorable risk reward ratio.This is a most regrettable situation .There is excessive competition , with pricing power too weak to assure viability .....all thanks to the populist folly of deregulation ! There are are far too many bozos joyriding around in airplanes for paltry fares....People who belong on a bus or just staying at home.

    • Lets see.... The unions gave them a bankruptcy style contract in 2003 and management squandered it just like Hostess did.
      They set not one but 2 records for FAA fines at 25 mil and 162 mil! Defied the FAA and got the S80 fleet grounded for days. Cancelled or delayed orders for fuel efficient replacements for the S80. Continued to buy RJ's for that awful Eagle operation. Paid themselves massive bonuses. Admitted in court they violated the RLA buy not bargaining in good faith and dragging out, over 5 years, the last contract talks.
      I could go on and on.
      And dimwits like you blame labor!?!?!?
      Companies are ALWAYS killed off by decisions made in the boardroom.

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      • I don't blame the Pilots AT ALL. You've stated the similartities between these two companies very nicely. The media just doesn't understand that the Bakers at Hostess would not allow the current Hostess management to bleed them out any further. Did you see that Hostess CEO on every TV outlet that would have him, pleading his case against the nasty Bakers Union?. He was petitioning for a job he didn't deserve, in the same way that AMR is holding this company hostage against a US Air merger. They must keep their YOBS and they're not getting anything at US Air, so DON'T LET IT HAPPEN. Prepare Labor for the next bankruptcy while spending time at the country club and getting those fat bonus checks they're accustomed to. The Pilots are tired of being played for fool. So the Pilots will eventually say to AMR, MERGE OR DIE, we've had enough.

      • Dont forget the flyboys They helped too