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  • hageneriksson hageneriksson Jan 9, 2013 6:27 PM Flag

    Barron's article from one hour ago

    their approval of the merger - at least according to the BTIG analyst.

    At this point nobody seems to have a clue how much this could be but most likely current shareholders will be offered a small stake in the equity of the combined company - perhaps as low #$%$ - 10%. But again nobody knows what the market value of a combined LCC / AMR might be. Assuming a 10% stake and a $5 bln market cap for LLCAMR the current share price looks pretty close to this scenario.

    But the final outcome might look pretty much different so it doesn't make much sense to speculate any further at this point.

    AMR also announced another set of good operating results after the close.

    With the stock closing at a new 52-week high on 18x average daily volume it looks quite save that there will be further gains tomorrow morning as obviously some late day buying pressure remained unsatisfied. Would expect another double digit run at the start of the session before some profit taking might kick in. No prediction for where the stock might end the day tomorrow.