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  • edavet edavet Nov 14, 2008 12:47 PM Flag


    Anyone hearing that Jim Hogan will be the new CEO?

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    • Hogan will NOT be the new CEO, and I have good reasons to say this.

    • Hogan would be great for Cadence. He understands technology, knows how to motivate people and could put Cadence back on track. Whether he'd want to do it is another matter.

    • Being an Ex-Cadence guy, I think Jim Hogan is probably well connected to the BoD. So if JoeC and TonyZ are not available or willing then Jim probably has an inside track. He is widely credited with many of Cadence's acquisitions such as Silicon Perspectives, Get2Chips, Moscape, the router company can't remember the name0 which many would argue saved the company while others will argue gave away way too much of the comapany's equity.

      I wonder if the BoD is looking at other EDA senior executives with a strong operational track-record. People such as Sanjiv Kaul who had an unmatched series of huge huge successes both as a marketing head and a GM. Successes such as PrimeTime, Physical Compiler, Formality, Synthesis business rebound, DFM...

      The other person who comes to mind is Penny Herscher who was the CEO of a public company. Though, it is not clear what were here big successes. Most of the initiatives that she started at Synopsys and Simplex/Cadence such as behavioral Synthesis, HDL Advisor and the X-initiative turned out to be extremely expensive ventures that she left in the middle and had to be wound down.

      There are of course other people that deserve mention. People such as: Chi-Foon Chan, Wally Rhines, Antun Domic, Joe Swicki. These people I think however are probably less interested in a role such as this.

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      • i think hogan is too connected to the board as well as to the senior exec's at the company. i doubt he'll make the necessary cuts due to the political atmosphere, ie he will not ax people he thinks he, personally, may need in the future, as opposed to what is best for cdn.

        after penny's half ass'ed job of trying to flatten cdn just before she left, i doubt they would bring her back. in addition, i agree, she never seems to follow things to completion. and cdn absolutely needs someone that is going to see the restructuring of cdns to its completion. as for some of the others, why would Wally leave mentor?? mentor has never been a leader in the eda world, but i don't think Wally ever wanted to have the company lead, they do just fine as a follower, with tools that are easy to use and of high quality. plus, cdn needs a strong leader and Wally is not that person. i have no idea what Sanjiv is doing these days, is he still with synopsis? if he is, again, why would he leave synopsis?

        gotta wonder who they are going to pick. the person they eventually do pick will certainly tell us a lot about what the board is going to try to accomplish. if it is someone with tight political ties to the existing senior exec's at cdn, then it will be business as usual. if it is an outsider with a track record of slashing deadwood, then maybe there is hope for cdn. it will be interesting.....

    • Who's Hogan?

    • No, but what an awesome proposal.

      One of the best minds in the Silicon Valley.

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