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  • thakurvk thakurvk Nov 22, 2008 12:54 AM Flag

    100k EDA users: Is EDA a product market?

    Computer Science guys riding information technology wave and serving earlier waves made lots of money (ORACLE, MSFT etc). Ofcourse they made lot of productivity difference, hence their killings.

    How about OS, compilers, processes (quality etc)
    guys serving to CS guys? These are guys of labs (Bell Labs?), training firms, quality processes firms etc.Did they make a killing?

    EDA is serving enlightened people of information age. On top of it, its small core of information age (about 100k people in the core). EDA as product does not create any differentiation among these guys. INTEL and AMD buying tools from public EDA vendors does not help in creating differentiation.They could only buy stuff which is routine and does not make sense being done within INTEL or AMD. They do not trust EDA for trade secracy etc.

    For EDA to survive, its bussiness model has to change. Its monopolistic products or services or its usage in some other market( embedded sys, automobile, other kinds of design). EDA has to change.

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