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  • edabarsteward edabarsteward Dec 1, 2008 1:15 PM Flag

    Cadence going off the rails

    Cadence boots out a bunch of companies from their Connections program according to EETimes & DeepChip, and a nice BS response from the CDNS spokeschump to go with it.

    I post this here because this is just another example of Cadence's two-faced arrogance. This spokeschump isn't a VP, but he is a symptom of what's wrong with Cadence - it's a cultural problem not just a management issue. Kicking out competitors and screwing the small companies by raising membership prices. On top of that, customers can no longer rely upon their flows working because suppliers don't have access to Cadence tools through Connections - another broken promise. CDNS just doesn't get it - they continue to tarnish their reputation and embarrass themselves.

    The lunatics are running the asylum now. Until they get a new CEO in place with a modicum of common sense, this company is heading down the toilet.

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    • Why would anyone buy Cadence tools when they don't know if flows will work with 3rd party tools? Cadence's recent move in gutting the Connections Program is incredibly short sighted and arrogant. They are trying to force users into an all Cadence flow. That is an interesting concept, but not realistic. Users will move away from Cadence and not toward them.

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      • The problem is that nobody can provide a best in class complete flow. Cadence though can provide, say, 70-80% of a flow but if they want to do that then they had better be "open" to third party tools. Yes they may lose out on some point tool revenue but they'll still grab the lion's share of the customer budget.

        I know of one example where a customer will move away from Cadence because they cannot depend anymore on Cadence for the flow, combined with being very upset at having the rug pulled from under them.

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