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  • warriortrader29 warriortrader29 May 12, 2009 12:22 PM Flag

    cramer the pied piper

    why do people constantly follow this moron blindly ??? every single time he speaks the stock he pumps has an AH pop and the next day all the fools who pay up get crushed and then whine about their losses. Heres a tip for you ---do your OWN research instead of being lazy .Its not cramers fault you lose money---its your own.

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    • unfortunately howto---I think you are right about the microwave generation.Technology is a wonderful tool, but people have become so used to instant gratification and immediate results that it has clouded their judgement and weakened their ability to be self-sufficient to some degree.

    • It's called the "microwave generation" Nobody has had to "do" anything for themselves in such a long time that they EXPECT others to do it for them and when the "others" are wrong or screw up, they can point the finger at one has a true sense of responsibility a matter of fact, they have all been brought up to believe that NOTHING is ever their own's always the governments fault, or the fat cat banker who sold them a load of goods (ARM mortgage)...couldn't be their own fault for signing the contract, then buying a Hummer, Corvette, cigarette boat, etc. with the proceeds rather than investing it prudently or even wisely...Nah...couldn't be their own, when Cramer says buy XYZ, they run to their "borrowed" laptop and plug in the trade hoping to make all their losses up by listening to the dumb-ass that helped put everyone in the poor house to start with...typical "Americans", never responsible for their own actions...we have drifted SSSSSOOOOOOO far from the ideals and beliefs that made this country great that it will never recover as the majority of the younger generation feels it's okay, and cool, to rob people, sell drugs, have babies like rabbits out of wedlock and put more money in their 1993 Mitsubishi eclipse than their house is worth...bunch of idiots calling themselves's a fu%#*ng joke is what it's no wonder the rest of the world hates us...

      There, I feel better now...Oh ya, CDNS should perform but it needs to hold up here at $5.40...if not, better get out fast as I see $4.59 as the next stop down...

    • Yo, check out CLF he just recommended. Popped to 31 Ah and now 26 after bad news released a few days later. Got his hedge hog buddies out but retail screwed again!!lol

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