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  • rickyjaygloveplay rickyjaygloveplay Jul 9, 2009 4:49 PM Flag

    When Will CDNS See $20 Again?

    Soon I hope!

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    • gator.gator Jul 16, 2009 10:47 PM Flag

      You wrote a big piece but carefully avoided my two questions.

    • Dream on friend...dream on...dreaming does not cost you anything. However if you are invested, sure it does!!! I wonder you are somehow bitten by Dennis Kneale bug..."Recession is over"...

    • This type of post is not helpful. CDNS is dying! The BoD will not force the management to do what's needed to right this ship. There is still a mismatch between revenue and expenses. Until this comes into balance the stock price will not rise.

    • Seriously, personal attacks upon others is both pointless and against Yahoo terms and conditions. Further, your accusations directed toward me are hollow and inaccurate.

      So what is your real point, sans personal attacks? That you do not like the fact that myself and some others here have less then shining views on the management of this company? Please, rather then attack me personally, how about you share your views and counterpoints to the concerns and criticisms I and others have shared here about this company.

      Do you really believe that this company is well managed and growing??? If so, then present your views and data to support this rather then attempt to harrass and criticize other posters by calling them trolls, disgruntled employees, or ex-employees, or anything else you can come up with to take us farther off topic. Present some meaningful commentary rather then attacking other posters. Then give fellow posters and readers credit for having the ability to discuss and decide for themselves where the truth about this company rests.

      The fact remains that the publicly available data on this company clearly indicate a protracted (while competitors are in fact growing). Even the guidance from the management team is gloomy, even after all the investor spin they put on it. Only radical changes in the structure and business model of a company in such peril will enable any sensible recovery, and coresponding return in stock performance. But hey, please, share with us your best analysis and data to defend the performance of this company and it's leadership and place some sense of confidence in the future. Convince readers that my comments are inaccurate. Provide something besides just declaring that you are a holder of the stock.

      Are you a company insider perhaps? If so, should you even be commenting here?? Or are you just miffed that some view this company in a critical light in the context of it's revenue stream shrinking by 50% over a rather short period of time, the stock collapsing to all time lows, and guidance from the management team saying that they plan to lose money quarter after quarter after quarter looking forward?

      My personal recommendation remains: buy in to this stock after one of it's periodic tanking cycles, hold for the short term, take profits on the short term price recovery, and wait for the next tanking cycle. That is how you make money with this stock, unless you are one of the insiders being granted large blocks of restricted shares.

    • I'm here commenting to fellow investors on a stock that is in a hard tail spin with no signs of recovery so far. While it has a history of fairly predictable cycles of tanking and reconstructing, this time around I think it will not.

      Correct, I do not buy and hold CDNS (hold as in hold for long term value or appreciation). I do however buy in after this company does one of it's inevitable big resets every 2-3 years. these resets result in on average a 50% overnight drop in the stock price followed by a recovery cycle that runs 9-18 months duration. And I have made a boat load of money on this stock over the years buying in after a major stock correction and selling it off ~ 9 months later (give or take).

      I did not however buy into the last major reset by the company, largely due to the uncertain economy and a very fragile position this company now holds vs it's competitors. I should have bought in however like the CoB (Shoven) did when the stock was floundering near $2. If I had, I would have sold when it hit $5, collected another boat load of money and gone to the sidelines and wait for the next debacle to tank this stock.

      Other then to take shots at other posters, why exactly are you here?

    • gator.gator Jul 15, 2009 1:14 AM Flag

      Edawizzard, I will make it easy for u. What about cutting all products except Virtuoso ;-) ?

    • Before you will see any gains on CDNS they need to align their cost structure with the new revenue plan. I suspect they need to make massive cuts soon.

    • Never my dear friend...$20 is a history that CDNS made on the glorious heights of real estate bubble. The adjustment (or the readjustment) in equities during recessions is a long and painful process. Most often than not, the stocks that make highs in good times never return to that level again. Moreover Cadence fundamentals are growing weak day by day and recession is not helping anyone either.

      • 1 Reply to edaisdead
      • I am not sure the recession has much to do with Cadence's current troubles. I just looked a the revenue numbers in the SEC filings for CDNS and its major competitors for the 1st quarter of 2009 vs the fist quarter of 2008.

        Mentor: $193,775 in 2009 vs $179,207 in 2008, up +14,568

        Synopsys: $336,835 in 2009 vs $324,553 in 2008, up +12,282

        Cadence: $206,302 in 2009 vs $270,750 in 2008, down -64,448

        Cadence is the only one whose revenue is dropping and it is dropping by more than its competitors went up. That indicates to me there is something wrong at Cadence.

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