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  • edawizardtoo edawizardtoo Aug 29, 2009 10:45 PM Flag

    Tips for upcoming and future cost cutting

    Fact: Out of the current 4980 employees there are 800 roles with at least 1 direct report, 500 of which have only 6 or less employees under their entire hierarchy. On top of these 800, there are 300 additional "Manager", "Director", and "VP" titles with 0 direct reports. This 300 count doesn't include account and project mgrs with no direct reports.

    Cost Saving tip: Consolidate at the manager level, make slightly larger teams, and globalize these 300 zero direct report VIPs.

    Fact: There are many many senior and "Staff" titles.

    Cost Saving tip: Compare output of Staff/Senior to non-staff. Level 5-8 should perform 2X of Level 2-4. Replace where required.

    Fact: Hundreds of the above roles have official home offices, some in the boonies.

    Cost Saving tip: Let's get some real team working happening by working out of existing offices and save on flights/hardware vpn/phone/internet/shipping.

    CDNS is a geriatrics ward full of very senior ex-engineers from the 80s sitting around waving their hands. The layoffs up to now haven't changed this. Please clear out the expensive dead weight and invest in a fresher more productive and affordable workforce.

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    • This data is garbage and your suggestions are poor. Are you a short getting burned or a layed off employee with no job prospects? Either way, your facts are fiction.

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      • How do you know the data offered up is garbage? Are you an insider with access to said data?

        The original poster has sited some pretty specific numbers, and structures, leading me to believe they are (or were) an insider.

        Regardless, the fact that there are more then 300 Director-VP level individuals who have no direct reports is a pretty telling piece of data in my opinion. That's not just top heavy, it is wasteful and speaks poorly for CDNS management teams focus and attention on real business optimization. A lot of these 300 are probably artifacts left over from aquisitions, particularly inside R&D.

        Nor am I surprised at the overall top heavy title structures in this company. CDNS is notorious for this and it has been discussed for years now on this board.

        Given the original posters data is accurate (sorry you have to do more then just say it is garbage, you need to actually refute it with accurate facts if you want to make that claim), it shows that nothing is really changing inside the walls of CDNS to put the company on a healthier trim for the future. It smacks of continued operation of a "club of familiars" where who you know if more important then what you know, how you perform, or how you contribute to the direct benefit of your customers.

      • Could you provide an alternate set of facts? This is an interesting discussion...

    • Good input. The other question is what product lines to get rid of. I would really consider running away form the RTL flow except system level verification. I think at best CDNS' synthesis suite of tools has captured only 20% market share.

    • Couldn't agree more. There are so many broken and secretary like managers inside. Also there are tons of T4+'s doing nothing but T3 can do easily. It's painful but time to be honest with the facts.

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