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  • JMurphy1022 JMurphy1022 Apr 19, 1998 12:00 PM Flag

    CDN vs. AVNT

    How is Cadence's problems with Avanti likely to affect its future? Are they direct competitors in this market? I am considering investing, but I am concerned that this legal conflict might drag on and pull either one of them down.

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    • Obviously there is more inside your trousers than a pair of hairy legs.

      Saying anything negative about AVNT requires BIG BALLS with all the shills trying to magnify their teenie weenie... position.

    • You wrote:

      > I ... can't afford to lose money.

      That makes it real easy: If you truly cannot afford
      to lose money, DON"T INVEST IN THE STOCK MARKET! And
      remember that your broker will make money off of you
      either way. After all, if he was so certain that AVNT
      was going to double, why did he tell you? He'd be busy
      putting all his assets into AVNT stock.

    • and I strongly believe beyond reasonable doubt that they did steal the
      damn code.

      I also agree that they got caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

      But I also feel that this really has nothing to do with the future of Cadence. It's an extremely strong company, with a great reputation and a fantastic growth rate in excess of 20% per year. A great long term investment.

    • TheWingCommandersTrousers TheWingCommandersTrousers Apr 30, 1998 2:36 PM Flag

      I have 10 years engineering and program management experience in ASICS and full custom high speed design and used extensively both Cadence and Avant! tools. I know what I'm talking about from a practical customers point of view. I am Cadence biased due to worse experiences with Avant! plus in my opinion they are unethical, and I strongly believe beyond reasonable doubt that they did steal the damn code.

      I'm also damn smart, modest and a big hit with the babes too.

    • I don't think "helper" is EJR, because "helper" appears to be pro-AVNT and EJR pro-CDN. Although they do both slam Larry a bit, and the post I saw from EJR was old and he may have changed his position since then.

      Although it would be nice if people would stick to one alias so it would be easier to figure out the serious players from the scabs.

      I do have to make another concession though: I said larry was the only poster worth reading on the AVNT rag, but Wingcommanderstrousers,EDAvet, and EDAboy appear to be pretty knowledgeable on EDA in general.


    • That depends on your time frame for investing. If your asking if the stock is going to go up this month, my crystal ball is awful foggy.
      If your asking about buying stock in Cadence and holding it for 2,3 or 5 years, then my crystal ball just cleared up and said you will double or triple your money in this company, just depends on how long you are willing to hold. Under $35 is a great entry price for this fast growing company.

    • I'm new to investing and can't afford to lose money. My broker says AVNT is going to ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY double.

      A buddy recommended I read about Cadence Designers, to know what is going on in the industry. What's wrong with Cadence that helps AVNT so much?

      Everyone seems to be making $$$$$$ in the stock market, so I'm r-e-a-d-y. Probably in the AM, is tomorrow a good day to buy?

    • When I've poked so many holes in your arguement that I can see the thin layer of reasoning that it conceals.

      But, getting back to business... I've no particular interest in Larry's heart, but since you insist on bringing it into question I'll address it. The main thing I like about Larry and his heart is that he doesn't use it when he is posting reports on the board. Now although we have beaten a dead horse about how he was partially wrong... speaking of which, maybe I better explain why he was partially wrong:

      Larry stated:

      "I was at this morning's hearing and I did not hear any ruling about not enjoining Aquarius. While I heard no ruling, I did get the feeling that one would be coming soon. My guess from conversation at the trial is that if there is a ruling, Aquarius will be enjoined."

      What Larry was wrong about: "I did get the feeling that one [an enjoinment] would be coming soon.

      What Larry was right about: "I did not hear any ruling about not enjoining Aquarius."

      Now, however you weight that information, you (yes, even you) have to admit that Larry declaring that an enjoinment had not been granted yet, is a truthful statement. So, now that we have established that he was partially right, let's continue.

      As I said earlier, I use these boards as not much more than a possible thin indicator of future events, and Larry's happen to be the closest to the issue I am most interested in hearing about and reports with what I consider the least amount of bias possible on these boards.


    • Just my opinion, look on Avant! board to find him there. And I
      am the "real" lurker_8000. And I like Larry, nobody is perfect,
      he's even invited to the lu-wow, tonight, Pigs for all, and the
      Fat Lady will be closing out the party with a great song.

      -the lurker

    • Larry may have "believed what he was saying" about Aquarius, and Larry may have "qualified it very well", but Larry was nevertheless more than just "partially wrong" as to what the judge said about Aquarius, wasn't he? You said in an earlier post that you pay attention to Larry's analyses, so the question remains: Why do you pay any attention to someone who's good-hearted but nevertheless wrong? If you just want "good-hearted", why not just buy yourself a Golden Retriever?

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