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  • hound_mm hound_mm May 6, 1998 4:35 PM Flag

    What is coming at DAC

    Does anyone know if Cadence will be announcing
    any new products at the DAC show? Their recent
    showing on new products is not so good. Verilog-NC,
    COBRA, SYNERGY, IC CRAPSMAN to name a few.



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    • good or not, this is not the correct place for the advertisement.

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    • See Bloomberg for news. JP Morgan recommend a buy. But action still looks choppy.

    • Can't wait to find out why CDN is moving up so smartly on good volume today. Have found no news on the wires as yet.

    • CDN's CEO Harding was interviewed on CNBC this
      morning at about 10:45am. The CNBC introduction, IMO, was
      somewhat misinformed. The CNBC host said that since CDN is
      in the "semi" business that they see tough times for
      the next year. Harding politely corrected him and
      said that his company is involved with the R&D
      software development, not manufacturing. Harding also said
      that he sees CDN continuing to do well and positions
      much growth in the low end semi design customers
      (which avoids competition from Intel).

      addition, Harding said that the support services are doing
      very well because of the Asian crisis. He said that
      many of CDN's customers that used to design in house
      are farming support services out to CDN. Harding said
      that CDN has good "hedging" positions in regards to
      Asia's effect.

      The CNBC host asked Harding if he
      thought any of his customers may curb their R&D and
      therefore have an effect on CDN. Harding's reply was that
      curbing manufacturing of their existing products is more
      likely. If they do cut R&D, competition that does not
      would quickly take their place.


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