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  • Smartpicker99 Smartpicker99 May 6, 1999 12:57 PM Flag

    Great Article on CDN.

    Everyone agrees CDN has been overbeaten. But the
    market for EDN is growing by 50% to 70% per

    The deal with IBM makes CDN even stronger!


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    • If those wondering about CDN, check out the
      option activity, volume has spiked tremendously. Over
      the last two days, it looks like the price has been
      kept down. I wouldn't be surprised if one of the big
      houses makes a reccomendation on the stock. The option
      activity would imply a "takeover"? Regardless, from a pure
      technical basis, if the stock can break through 14, then I
      suspect the next target to be 20. Still cheap for a
      company with no debt and a ton of cash/receivables. For
      the record, I bought it at the open yesterday. 11

    • A lot of churning, but still a gain.

      CDN has some big money waiting to get in, $13 by Friday

    • Cadence will continue to bring great deals
      forward, because any major tech company is in some way
      connected with Cadence. From Soda Machines to Cell Phones,
      Cadence is leading the way with their system on a chip
      technology. I just bought some stock because I have seen that
      as time goes by everything seems to get smaller,
      when it comes to applications and computers. I'm not
      much of an engineer but what I do know is that Cadence
      will continue to surprise us with new tools and

    • just look at the trading in last couple of
      minutes before market close. althogh i question the
      wisdom of their selling at such prices, i also
      appreciate the opportunity to get in at such prices.

      think about the price actions AFTER the smarting big
      boys are through with their anxiety. woooooow !!!

    • i'm long, but i don't think a run-up because of
      the deal is likely if qktn is guaranteed $15/share. i
      question the wisdom of an offer with an absolute
      guaranteed floor price in dollars. too much dilution when
      the buyer's stock plunged like cdn did, but i think
      even that is in the price now and i won't worry about

    • I agree that the merger will be approved by the
      QKTN share holders. But the ratio will be closer to
      The ratio is set by the 5 day average two days before
      the close.
      That means the 5 day average of this
      week. Since we
      already have closes of 11.625 and
      11.3125. then to achive
      a true 1:1 ratioe the stock
      must finish at 17.5 the next three days. Do able, but
      I don't think it is that likely.

      The 1.2 is
      calculated by the two know closings and the assumtion of 12,
      13, and 14 closes. Plus, the guaranteed 15 share for
      So every share of QKTN get 1.2 shares of CDN.

    • Look for the stock to make a run to 15 dollars
      before may 25th b/c of the ratio 1:1.Stock holders of
      QKTN will approve the merger b/c they are getting
      better value than CDN offered them when the stock of CDN
      at 27 dollars and QKTN WAS 13 DOLLARS or 15 dollars
      a share guarnteed.CDN major share holders try to
      accumulate right here and run the stock to 15 by the closing
      date may 25th of 1999

    • Gonna try and wait those three months for the big
      rebound. Past month I've traded
      cs,savly,mps,sfsk,pair,smod,nbr to name a few of the stocks that have gotten away
      from me. Sure It can go single digits. That's why I'm
      tempted not to look at cdn for three months. I get
      frustrated when my weak hand is shaken out. I want to ride
      this one straight up!

    • Losing Jack Harding was a good riddance! I
      actually heard the guy talking bringing the IC design
      paradign/retrofit to the ball bearing industry one morning on CNBC.
      They guy was out of his league. Thank god he is gone.
      Now Bingham can turn the company around without his

    • I think these numbers (see news) look great

      income +10% is so so
      expenses down 10%

      That makes for 20% greater margin than last year.
      Not bad for a "flat revenue growth" company !

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