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  • momogia momogia Nov 5, 1999 3:53 AM Flag

    My replies....

    First of all pc_cobra, you wrote to me,"If you
    haven't got anything constructive to say about CDN
    technical or not ....." now you're hurting my feelings. I'm
    not so sure you're reading my posts. I mean all of
    them, the ones between the entertaining ones. Through
    all this press "quiet period" I've been mostly
    pointing out the technical advantages to CDN more than
    anyone else. Pay attention.

    To TelegraphRoad: you
    tell High Techie that he linked an excellent web page.
    Are you paying attention? I was the first on this
    board to link us to I've posted that link
    already. You hurt my feelings too.

    Are you guys
    suffering from Attention Deficite Disorder? If so, then I

    To In2eda: You are a lawyer, judge or diplomat. If
    not you should be. What a way with words. I'm

    To silks38: You know your stuff! Excellent analagy
    regarding the "dead weight" CDN got rid of and the new
    resurgence in the stock. Very good.

    To CDNinsiderNOT:
    As a young boy growing up, in our house and at my
    Aunts' houses and at my Mom's friends' houses, when you
    would go into their washrooms, there would be a water
    bottle and a rubber hose hanging from the shower rods. I
    never asked what that was. But as I grew older I found
    out. Today's woman doesn't have the luxury of today's
    medicine and hygiene advances. So in the old days women
    used "Douche Bags". And I found out that that was what
    that water bag and connecting rubber hose was. That's
    what you remind me of. A Douche Bag.

    For your

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