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  • zzr-stephen Oct 4, 2005 4:07 PM Flag

    The party is over---about time.

    My personal opinion, is the party is over, THINK--------------look at CAT, ASVI, and JOYG. The one that i think will drop the most is JOYG, Why, look at the PE, don,t po-po-PE-way out of sink. Volume way down to go up more i think. Anyway im short on many. zzr

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    • zzr-stephen Oct 14, 2005 5:50 PM Flag

      I get off trading, did 14 trades today, lost 10 cants on one--great day. OK, i live in Hollister CA on the south side of the only hill in Hollister--beauitful views--of the town and the coast mountains. The Lord has blessed me in so many ways. You might think im nervous but im not--just on--feels good when your on top of your game. Closed out today at the highest level in my life of playing the market. I don,t understand what you mean by you can,t buy back this time. Anyway covered everything, then mid day started shorting again, did my last short at 3 minutes before the close on WWW. Have a good one, and one for me. Im going to go play with my new puppy, just came in yesterday, its a mini bull dog. Named him Ned. zzr

    • Your nervous, relax. It's October, wild month. Go outside, come back it'll look better, ha ha ha. I've been sitting outside for the last 2 hours. Life is real short, you can't buy back this time. Ocean is very calming What a beauitful day.

    • zzr-stephen Oct 14, 2005 12:48 PM Flag

      Went back and re-shorted WWW,ASFI, no volume on both---specialist balancing there books. I think the rally were having will be vary short. Sitting back waiting for cat, asvi, joyg, and others. zzr

    • Thank you for your reply. I wasn't sure yesterday, wanted to pull the trigger but didn't because of BUCY. Went back a few moments ago. You have my respect

    • zzr-stephen Oct 14, 2005 12:43 AM Flag

      You asked, i think its time to cover for the time. I have covered many others too. Going long for the rally that is coming. Just went long-----only for trade---- asfi, asvi, ilse, uu. Covered half of my www, if it rallys will short more www. I covered cat today i hope the earnings on the 20th lift it back to 56 to 57 area then short again. Personal opinion, this is not a investing market--------im in hit and run mode. If joyg moves back up with the group, i will be in there short again. The best to you. zzr

    • right on, just a small bump in the road.

    • I couldn't love a stock, that's funny. Good call any way on the day, and let me know when you'll cover, thanks
      I didn't get this house on the beach by loving stocks, trading maybe, but not loving. Never short though, the old in out ,in out. I'll watch for your call. Day is over

    • zzr-stephen Oct 5, 2005 3:25 PM Flag

      With all due respect, i hope you guys are not in LOVE. This is the stock market, not the company. zzr

    • the only party is joyg holders coming in your mouth idiot, JOYG has a billion dollar backlog in orders, the only direction is up with the usual bumps. Moron you are not short, your're just crying because you didn't get in earlier, now go back to school, moron!

    • Be very careful with this one, the industry fundamentals remain compelling. JOYG is very much tied to the coal industry, which is experiencing record times. Then you have some recent positive manufacturing industry reports to deal with as well. There's just no bad news here to drive the stock down. The company's backlog has doubled in recent quarters and earnings visibility remains strong through 2006. Try shorting some industries that have fallen out of favor like REITs, tobacco, furniture, restaurants, water utilities, and newspapers. JOYG is going nowhere but up as this quarter moves along.

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