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  • seahwk2 seahwk2 Jun 9, 2008 12:22 PM Flag

    CPSL is manipulation at its best

    stock looks to be dragged down so bigger players can get cheaper stock.

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    • Finally someone with a brain here. Manipulation to get all the suckers here both long and short. The rest of you STOP POSTING THE SAME MESSAGE OVER AND OVER. You people are losers. Don't you have anything to do with your time? For those that care about making money, I am in here in the hi 4s, out at 5.50, which may be tomorrow or even today. I'm off to do a hike where it is not raining (maybe Teanaway). I am considering not posting EVER AGAIN due to how all of these boards are just overrun with repeat messages and spam, even if Yahoo fixes it. Say goodbye to my picks and prices. The idiots have ruined it for those of you who are legit.