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  • ftlauderdalebythesea ftlauderdalebythesea Jul 3, 2008 11:18 AM Flag

    If you own CPSL at $5, 6, 7 +..............

    and you dont average down and lower your cost basis then you'll be fighting to just breakeven for a long time. Remember that all those who own CPSL here where it is now (under $4.50 lets say), will be selling the snot out of it when it just goes back to $5, 6, 7 again someday for a huge profit. Anyone who buys it right now will already have a 20%+ profit in CPSL when it just reaches $5, so there will be selling pressure even there.

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    • The sad truth is with a name like yours.... English is your second language as well.. or used to .. Not cool to put down others... look at yourself in the mirror sometimes... ching chong whatever

    • fukfama is an idiot and an A hole. Both sides had good points and were well stated. He had to be an A about it. Typically chinky way (No Backbone), but a lot of snyde wussie comments from behind the scenes.

    • phucphama you are arrogrant and should just shut up!!!

    • Nice post, zombietom3. Besides that,this is not an English grammar or literature forum, so who cares about mistakes(grammar,typos,et.). Everybody's opinion is welcomed here. If someone's grammar bothers someone so much they should change forums.

    • You are being an ugly american. There are many more people in the world for whom English is not the first language than there are for whom it is.

      So how many places have you traveled and in how many languages are you fluent or at least able to be polite? The problem for most Americans is that their own country is so big that they think the rest of the world must be small. Think again.

      I am an American, but I have been around the world and always showed respect to the people who lived there, trying never to forget that I was the foreigner. I always learned at least a little if not a lot of the language. In all my adventures, not one of those people in other lands criticized my sometimes weak attampts to use their language.

    • They teach you real good English in ching chang chong school don't they.

    • most idiot short and basher for cpsl on this board.
      your post does not list any factors.
      Just look the revenue and profit quarter by quarter, your liar is insane.

    • It's simple really.
      You are a sky bagger in denial probably bought at 8.20 thinking it would go to ten when experienced traders bought at 5.50 sold at 8.20 and have shorted it down and covered at 5.00

      So here it is
      This is a company involved in steel fabrication, they dont make steel so it costs money for them to buy the steel and sell their steel intended product.
      lucky for them they can break even by selling scrap and hope that inflation doesn't cut into profits
      chinese inflation is going to go crazy after olympics.
      right now market is heavily controlled by government
      in short
      buy again at 3.50
      ignore you
      and if you are like him holding a bag of worthless stock over 6.00
      just sell it
      stop trading and get a real job at mc donalds

    • Well, it all depends on upcoming quarterly results & any good PR before that. If its another blowout results this stock will easily cross $10 in no time. So as a investor one has to decide to be long or short. Company's success & investors confidence will ultimately decide profit or losses

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      • Tell us all why CPSL fundamentally is a $10 stock. Not because of your hype, give us the basic fundamentals, I'd love to hear it. You might want to take into consideration the fact that each quarter a company comes in with blowout earnings, the expectations increase that much higher as well, and the chances of missing those blown up expectations increase too, I've seen it way too may times with companies just like CPSL. Those who are buying CPSL now are hoping for big earnings and PR, and trust me, they'll be selling at $5, 6 , 7 for those huge profits, yes even there.

    • Good point, if you have any money left. There is more buying than selling going on right now.