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  • jnlach jnlach Dec 10, 2010 2:13 PM Flag

    i think its dead

    it aint happening. this stock is a yo-yo

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    • Jnlach...

      I've spent a moment reading your recent posts...actually going back quite a bit.

      Sorry to show my age on this one....but I don't think you, at only 23, really understand what's going on here...besides the fact that the pps is range-bound from .28-.33. No offense, please.

      If your time frame 4P today...better sell it all today. This is not a trader. This isn't a flip. This isn't waiting for a phase 2 or 3 result to come public. This isn't waiting for FDA approval. And it isn't a yo-yo.

      The $8M in Revs are REAL.....the distributors throughout the world are REAL.. the CE certifications are REAL...and the long-term partnership with SONY are REAL.

      What we do not know are sales and margins for 3DHD and our continued current profit centers. They are the unknowns and won't be released until the release of Q-2.....Q-1 may STILL be too early to give us a full picture.

      When I was 23 I thought I had all the answers, too. That was nearly 5,000 trades ago for me. VKNG has the POTENTIAL to be historic. Saying that "it ain't happening" at this stage in the launch year is...well...not the description an experienced investor would offer.

      I used to fly ALL THE TIME. Early on I was a nervous flyer.....until I realized that the calmest flights were the one's where the pilot either had white hair...gray hair...or no hair.

      Check the ages of some of the most logical longs here. Then check the ages of nearly all the bashers.

      You'll notice a trend. So...sit back...wait for Easter...and enjoy the flight. Honestly...I think you'll be in good hands.

      BTW...when will you be 24?


    • fish_discover_water_last fish_discover_water_last Dec 10, 2010 2:21 PM Flag

      It's been more or less trading in the 0.29 to 0.34 range for two months. While it's true that it's not going anywhere fast, it certainly hasn't been going down every day as some suggest, unless you ignore the pops in between. A yo-yo? perhps but one on a pretty short string as of late.

      Their potential is far from dead, it's just not going to be realized in the next week or two like some expected. In fact some of them have expected that every week for the last 6 months.

      Most of the quick money crowd have moved on, but not all. Meanwhile there seems to be plenty of demand just below the current price. I guess the current holders all want to get more shares at a bargain so they are placing their limit orders a penny or two below the market. There seem to be a number of them represented on this board.

      Here's hoping some concrete good end user demand news happens soon. This has definitely not been an exciting one to watch lately.