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  • dnadesi dnadesi Oct 29, 2010 11:22 AM Flag

    Motley Fool

    Let's begin our seven reasons why not to believe Motley Fool - I'll Start.

    Today's article states, "Coeur d'Alene mines mostly for silver. It's one of the handful of stocks that have thrived after going through a reverse split, with Coeur's stock trading more than 40% higher after last year's 1-for-10 reverse. Since net income is projected to be roughly cut in half in its most recent quarter, it's not as if we can pin the tail of success on its fundamentals." - source, Motley Fool

    Reason 1.

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    • Rocky explained why or most likely inc will be cut in half when he broached the derivative, royalty and smelting agreements that effect cde's net. Now everyone celebrates Rochester news, as well. $33 mil up front to develope-just another of DW's efforts to keep excess cash flow from reaching bottom line for shareholders. Albeit, if all goes well (which isn't normally cde's mo) this investment will triple or quadruple in 4 years, but why now? Are we to believe management just found out about the upgrade news. Hard to swallow-much like some of the unabashed pumpers on this board.

    • Since net income is projected to be roughly cut in half in its most recent quarter, it's not as if we can pin the tail of success on its fundamentals."

      No mention of a source.

      Ofcourse they build their articles on self-invented rumours. That is what they are paid for by the hedgefunds.

      Not only the fraudulous banksters, raters and non acting SEC-ers should go to jail, also the press people that have been colluding with them for so many years.

    • although I'm not a big fan of Motley (see Their guru analysis on nasdq rating cde), I believe this post is a pretty accurate synopsis.

    • collect all the articles from Motley Fools

      no matter what happens, they have their bases covered

      they have articles at all extremes

      they are a flaky, inconsistent source of misinformation

      On Oct 8th, they said CDE will continue to go up, when in fact they've been sideways since the 3rd week of Sept.

      Its Sept 13 article was very bullish.

      Tomorrow's Monster Stock?
      Oct 25
      Gold, of course, gets top billing in the news, but silver and its miners like Hecla Mining and Coeur d'Alene Mines (NYSE: CDE) have been enjoying the 30-year highs it recently hit.

      Not All That Glitters Is Gold
      Oct 15
      It's true that some investors have looked beyond gold to its less heralded sidekick, silver. Thanks to 30-year highs for the metal, silver miners Hecla Mining (NYSE: HL - News) and Coeur d'Alene (NYSE: CDE - News) have both posted breakout gains of 30% or more just in the past couple of months, despite their vastly different financial performance lately,

      Tomorrow's Monster Stock
      Oct 8
      The jobs numbers out this morning are going to help precious metals continue their run into record territory, and that means purveyors like Silver Wheaton, Hecla Mining (NYSE: HL), and Coeur D'Alene Mines (NYSE: CDE) will continue going up. The case for the Fed's second round of quantitative easing was just made a whole lot plainer.

      3 Stocks Breaking Out
      Sept 13
      while Coeur d'Alene Mines generated record metals sales in the second quarter, too. It's going to be adding more gold to the mix as its new Kensington gold mine is in production and beginning to fulfill a first-of-its-kind long-term supply contract with China National Gold Corp.

    • I put Motley Fool in the same catagory as Cramer. They change like the weather. Makes me wonder how they make any money ?

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