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  • dnadesi dnadesi Apr 15, 2011 3:52 PM Flag

    What a rigged game, eh fellas?


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    • they should not allow you to voice your bumb opinion any way. you dont make any sence. And by the way, All im wanted to do is make money, not argue with your sorry aZZZZ.

      Have a good weekend

    • It used to be that the big banks, with the blessing of the Fed, could keep a lid on the price of gold and silver, keep the dollar strong, thereby keeping energy imports and inflation under control.

      As the rest of world began to catch up to developed nations, their appetite for nice "stuff" including cars, condos, iPods, iPhones, TV's, etc. put real demand pressure on raw materials.

      Throw in Central Bank money printing, by last estimates $3 Trillion by the Fed, over $1 Trillion by the Japanese, $2 Trillion by China, about $1 Trillion by E.U., and paper money becomes worth less and less every day. People outside of the U.S. see this and are beginning to exchange paper money for physical gold and silver.

      Real demand for physical gold and silver orginates OUTSIDE of the U.S. and as the price starts to breakout and rise in Euros, Yen, Rupees, Yuan, etc. (happening now) the price in the futures market begins to reflect the change, IN SPITE OF WHAT GOLDMAN SACHS and HSBC say in their "advice to clients," while probably short.

      Physical demand is solid in China, Japan, India, and the Middle East, while supply is short. Having lost control of the physical market, the only road left to the JPMorgans who are short the metals is to try and acquire enough shares of the mining companies themselves to effect a defacto take-over of the BOD and then control supply.

      That's far fetched, but that's what I would do. And the way to do that is keep the share prices suppressed, accumulate shares, and "push" everyone toward the promise to pay GLD and SLV ETF's, as they continue to outperform the miners.

    • its better than punching a whole in the wall - but let me give you a clue - what you think does not matter to the markets either - plus when I see a love affair with a stock on a yahoo board - I learn more buy ruffling feathers - then by agreeing with everything - I find it best to hate all stocks

    • Not if you're more leveraged to the price of silver and gold.

      Gold is to hold. Silver will deliver. Cash is trash.


    • I was watching them walk it down. Soon as the volume dried up.. all sorts of 100 share blocks being traded on the downside. Scuumbags.

      Just reinforces my belief the money to be made will be in May. Everyone is trying to get out of the commodities trade, and take silver for the ride, well it AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN. Even if QE2 ends, the Fed has all sorts of ways to inject liquidity and be accomodative.

    • nothing new - and nothing will be done about it either -

    • i know, pathetic. Even PAAS is up 2.5%. Great opportunity for May options though.

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