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  • stahlz2000 stahlz2000 Oct 17, 2012 12:57 AM Flag

    OT / She Was Totally Disapointed

    To my dismay my Daughter voted for Obama 4 years ago .
    She now admits he did not do much of anything he said he would but spend money .
    She also admitted that he is a smooth talking rookie without the experience to get things done .

    "He talked a good game but the results were a nonevent .
    It seemed he took his main job as campaigning to get reelected .
    Certainly is personable and I liked what he said but he is too government oriented .
    I thought you were just against him because you are older and didn't understand what he was going to do ."

    She will not vote for him this year and made that definite .

    She has full time positions in 2 symphony orchestras , one in the United States and one in Europe and works 12 months a year and she and her husband still have a tough time paying their bills .
    Hubby is going to two schools as well as working full time but keeping up 2 places to live is expensive and they do live modestly .
    She has taken 2 cuts in her pay in Europe and also no one received a Christmas bonus in Europe .
    In the good old U.S.A. she did receive the same pay but no increases although her living expenses and transportation were up considerably .

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    • And is the empty suit bumbling romney better that the smooth educated o'bama?

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      • real foxie .
        Re : C students
        Maybe Mr. Obama stayed in school too long and never acquired any practical business sense ?
        Here are a few "kids" that dropped out of high school or college on the top 20 most successful business men list and their AGE when they started in the business world.
        All made multi billions (should hold that against them too)
        Even you should recognize some names

        Henry Ford /16 F
        Bill Gates /19 MSFT
        Larry Edelson /20 Oracle
        Sheldon Ellison /19 Las Vegas Sands
        Larry Pace /graduated college at 35 Google
        Kirk Kikorian 12 / Tracinda
        Michael Dell 19 / Dell
        Paul Allen 20 MSFT
        Steve Jobs Apple
        Mark Zuckerberg 19 Facebook
        Ralph Lauren 20

      • Empty suit ?
        Bumbling Romney ?
        Agree smooth talking Obama .
        It takes more than smooth talking to run the worlds most productive , influential country that has fought for freedom the world over since 1776 .
        Examples to mention : Germany , Japan , Italy , France , Norway , Sweden , Denmark , Poland , Spain plus many countries in Africa . and following along with South Korea , South Vietnam ,Laos , Cuba etc.
        As far as the death of Bin Laden happening , that was a concerted effort of many dedicated military personnel over a period of years with the Navy Seals having the pleasure at the end .

        Fort Hood shooting ,13 killed , 29 wounded , "Work Place Violence" .(Nov.2009)
        Worst mass killing at a military installation in US history .
        No mention of Terrorism

        Benghazi murder of our Ambassador , an assistant , 2 of our Navy Seals ,
        "Provoked by a Wretched Film" (9/11)
        More security denied !
        Several other previous attacks not mentioned !
        No ambassador deaths since 1979 .

        Why can't Terrorist's be called what they are ?

        Who is the bungler in an empty suit ?
        Who has a proven agenda .

    • She's blaming Obama? Looks like still needs to understand it was her fault for voting for Obama, not Obamas fault for being Obama. The signs were all there. It's best to understand such things before voting, otherwise similar mistakes will continue to be made.

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      • biscuit
        She is not BLAMING him .
        She gave him a chance. Thinking he was going to change Washington .
        I wondered who this guy was ?
        Saw some pretty nasty people that he had been associated with .
        I thought he certainly was a socialist and as we see , he is even further to the left .
        If he was white the Democrat's would not have even had him on any ballot because he had very few credentials .
        Community organizer to President of the most powerful country in the world seemed to me to be too big a step and just didn't cut it .

      • I didn't vote for Obama; however, I also did not expect him to be as Socialistic/Maristist as he turned out to be. It appears to me that in the past whoever gets elected seems to have drifted to the center after they have gotten elected. . Obama seems to have gone further to the left. We all make mistakes and misjudgements. Hopefully we all get wiser as we get older.

    • welcome to the new world of economic stagnation . . . if you want "your" country back (tp 1840), votge for the slippery liar, Romney who will embarrass us internationally . . Romney is a good looking c+ student.

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