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  • furst Oct 19, 2012 10:21 AM Flag

    OT / She Was Totally Disapointed

    Okay, I voted for Ron Paul. That said, I think this talk of Obama being a Marxist / Socialist is sort of an unproductive overstatement.
    I think its more accurate to descibe him as a left leaning centrist. When folks call him a Marxist and others go as far as comparing him to Stalin and Hitler their argument looses credibility. I may not be a fan but let's keep the rhetoric more on target. This isn't directed specifically at Beim; there was absolutely no comparison to Hitler being made and don't hink that was in any way his or her point. The post just reminded me of some of the statements I hear that tend to turn "centrists" off. These (centrists) are the people that do most of the voting and the majority simply don't buy the AM radio Marxist - Stalinist- Islamist depiction,

    I also believe Gov. Romney is actually much more of a "centrist" than the image he tried to project throughout the earilier part of his campaign. IMO- That came out in the first debate and that's what could win him the election.

    I'm done; I rarely contribute to political discussions on financial boards. Hope to hear more about CDE fundamentals and technicals.

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