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  • edmundaronson edmundaronson Dec 9, 2012 6:26 AM Flag

    it seems rather simple-cde a cash machine and a huge success and getting stronger

    if this upsets bashers good-in the few years since i bought, cde has built and finished barts,palmarejo,kensington and reclaimed rochestor while accumulating strategic investments cde,now producing 18/20 million oz silver 220,00 oz gold, and 900 to a billion in sales,, cde has cash in bank,,PAID DOWN HUGE DEBT with A NOW,LOWERING SHARE COUNT and with it's resources and free cash flow and young mines i call this a cash machine for the forseeable future while idiots quote pre reverse split price and cde past buildout history- don't let share price fool you , cde is getting stronger with its free cash flow everyday-

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    • mike harrison vp of developement-ex director corporate banking for mining group cormack securities-7 yrs bhp bilitons with a ba in geophysics--man are you full of it-svbl,,sol toro ,,northair even apogee all big increases in n 43-101's with svbl big advances in metulurgy recovery-huldra unbelievable grades in canada a mill now and some bulk production--these guys are years ahead of your small minded mentality and just placing themselves in commanding position with promising explores with good deposits -a button pusher trader judging a long term strategy-this guy just wants to connect krebbs to wheeler to diminish krebbs 16 years experience rebuilding cde and now surrounding himself with experienced talent-as to argentina jv joaquin is years away from buildout by that time hopefully there is change in political climate --as of now just drilling and moving toward pre feasibility-this guy knows nothing about any of these juniors

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      • So eddie, how much was paid for these "GEMS' and what's the mkt. price today??
        And what about Coeur obligated to pump capital into the Argintine J/V with no hope of getting it returned let alone a return ON that capital??


      • Yup....they definitely need some "outside help"......

        "-she went back to when and what happened and why-there was a mistake in not filling the mined areas like spread fingers then you fill with cement paste and go back and mine inbetween yjey did not fill to very top right which weakened and led to chattering they have to go back and refill and then they can return to drill the higher grade areas-the transition to a lower grade stockpiled and open pit material caused there was lower production due to stopage and lower recoveries and production from lower grade ore-

        Maybe CDE can help out the idle HL Lucky Friday miners to help smooth out the operation......$2.32~~~~~WOW!!!!!!!

    • so strong it sells at $2.25/share, wowie, what a great stock. Was $3.75 a few years ago. Wow, is this a strong stock. what ignoramous wrote this #$%$ ("CDE getting stronger everyday") LOL

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      • this poster obviously doesn't remember when cde was .38 with barts just finished,,9.00 silver and losing money ,800 million diluted shares, a huge capex,,huge debt, 80 million shorts hammering stock, ,losing money and,palmarejo unfinished,,kensington tied up in supreme court,,facing delisting from nyse.,a silver stream about to go under and,martha along with rochestor at end of life and with no money at depth of credit crisis--so now only a few years later, no debt,,capex lowered and a lowering,,,shares structure at 89.5,mill and lowering, a billion in sales,,,earnings,,free cash flow,100mill in bank with 90 mill for share buyback program,,3 long life mines and reclaimed rochestor,cde now producing 18/20million oz of silver 220,000oz gold with silver at 32 and a cash cost at 8.50 and gold at 1700,00-with large exploration budget on existing and producing land packages and allready large resources in a pm bull market - cde share price may flucuate with sector and general market and pm's but with it's cash cost and large production cde is just adding cash and accumulating shares in these junior strategic positions to add the best at later dates-sol toro,silverbull,commonwealtrh,northair,,huldra,,apogee,,cara cara,pershing and jv with mirasol all wit inceasing n43-101's - cde now 70% owned by institutions and sprotts 2nd largest position and newest-is this poster short sighted or what-----resources,,production,,cash cost, with a necessary and desired product , 3 new long life mines, cde has now become a positive cash flow machine of future from debt ridden,,diluted on verge of bankrupt company ----------

    • Even more intriguing is their purchase of two junior silver miners, both of which have garnered positive press.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Near term, I read the technical configuration for CDE as ready for another pop soon.

        Could be wrong. Was correct about rebuy in 15.30's and about selling some into upmoves (tho sold too soon). Was correct as well as a near term upmove when it was higher...tho it was short term, and I posted I did NOT trade it since it was not clear it would hold. DID post my add/rebuy of CDE recently around $24 and holding.

        Would add if I had sufficient dry powder for a high quality trade. (I've been trading additional shares in DNN from 1.07's and investing in CCJ from low 17's...will add to CDE if I can, however,
        and silver continues to look near term positive. Market, currencies are dicey.

        Not clear to me how markets will move from week to week with fiscal cliff talks ongoing and FedStuff...could push either way, possibly significantly, based on news.

        Peace Strategies

        Agape ~

      • Refresh my memory, What is name and ticker of companies purchased? Are they up or down in price?

        Sentiment: Hold

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