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  • jimmystokss jimmystokss Dec 26, 2012 2:41 PM Flag

    Edmund You won't be close to being right on CDE unti


    CDE tops $100/share then you can laugh at the rest of us. You need to understand that this stock price is all that investors care about and it has been years that this company has given any attention to share price. The CEO is going to do this and he is going to do that ..etc. Like a car stuck in mud spinning it's wheels

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    • What a FRAUD Ed continues to be By continually statting he bot @. 56....."i am already right because majority of my core bought at .56 and 14.10" the real world that .56 is 5.60 IF, in fact he ever got the price. So, now this genius has been holding "core" since spring 0f '09. A stock that since then experienced 50% retracements each year sometimes twice a year. This in a sector more hated than airlnes, in a company that pays NO dividends, and has earnings based on corrupt pricing dictated by the FED. etal. It's too rediculous to be true. This is a trading stock PEROID! and NOT meant to be held over YEARS. Ed, your investment acumen SUCKS. Why dont you make a resolution to get a life and leave the message board business next year??


    • i am already right because majority of my core bought at .56 and 14.10 ---cde price is where it's at due to hui axu and advent of etf's and change in multiples now given to sector-blame algo trading ,blame induced volitility,blame comex,blame hedge funds -cde has done fine by me since i bought-you can't say this is the same company as 2008/9-you look through a bagholders lenses-i don't need 100.00 i'll take a solid producing company building production and ounces-cde has done this and that and is doing this and that-what don't you get big production built three mines rehabed rochestor, has large,resources ,paid off massive debt only,89.5 million shares and buying back shares all from the verge of delisting ,massive dilution,huge capex,and losing money- what is it you don't get-sorry your a bagholder but if you got to pizzzzz use a toilet

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      • jimmy, you must remember, mundane is a better investor than Warren Buffett. He has bought withing pennies of the bottom and sold within pennies of the top dozens of times for 5 or more years, get it??? NOT, just a bunch of #$%$. No doubt lost thousands.
        give him credit, he can recite all the good previously published and public news which results in the share price at 2 bucks. Does he have anything NEW, of course not, LOL

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