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  • edmundaronson edmundaronson Jan 18, 2013 8:53 AM Flag

    mother nature and the mining buisness -still produced record 18 million oz's silver

    multiple mines in multiple countries moving alot of earth-this is the mining buisness after all, so it's inevitable to have mother nature or mechanical issues or,labor, or govt's or ,human error or p,m prices or dollar or ,market conditions or or or or cause some sort of flucuation- so big deal mother nature throws a ground condition exaggerated by some human error and bolivia has a power outage in 3rd and some lower grade ,all these issues are short term and fixable , add some christmas inventory overhang which can be sold for more next quarter- all short term fixable and just the mining buisness, you then balance them off against against success of rochestor wth its increases and huge kensinton contribution and we still produced record 18million oz's silver and next year 18/19.5 and 250,000oz gold -

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    • yep...edmund...all of the above...

      more fun to be doing it...than to be invested in it or managing it...for many...anyway...

      a move to Chicago says a lot about the top folks...

      so does continued under performing on expectations...


      good luck and skill...I hope they do well for their employees and
      for the communities within which they operate...and continue to
      do well for you, stahlz, vicaritas, and the rest of the real investors
      and long speculators...and if you can play the cycles well,
      and try to be truthful about that, you too...


      • 2 Replies to geomessenger_2000
      • Thanks Geo
        I was on the phone with Edmund twice this morning .
        I dropped my ask price down to 20 cents on the 24 Calls and they took them as fast as I put it in ..
        40 bucks is 40 bucks as Edmund said .
        I drank my 1st Johnny Walker "BLUE "last evening .at someone's house.
        They wanted to crack open a bottle so I obliged .
        Exceptionally smooth .
        I drank it out of a snifter which was more than a shot and straight up
        Not worth the money for me to buy a bottle but I felt compelled to taste a bit as it was offered graciously from somebody who can certainly afford it .
        Then we went to dinner and I dropped it back to "Black" .on the rocks .which my palette had no problem accepting .as they were buying us dinner too .
        I didn't even drink the Gold which is actually a good buy @only a few bucks more than black .
        Again they can afford it but I didn't want to come up as a pig .

        It just so happens I was bought my first drink of Johnny Gold by an orthodontist when It first came out but I had just met him at this bar where we were having an after dinner drink.and we got talking about Johnny Walker which he also likes to drink and he insisted I try it.
        That was years ago and at that time I was not even aware they started making Gold .
        When I learned he was an Orthodontist I took him up on his offer , figuring he could afford it .

        I wasn't in Rome that night but I did as the Roman's supposedly do
        .Never afraid to learn !

      • nice mundane spin. scorecard = 2 buck stock. management fails again.

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