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  • geomessenger_2000 geomessenger_2000 Jan 25, 2013 11:28 AM Flag

    to buy a Canadian miner...

    with higher grades...
    will require about 75% premium to current prices...
    and then will use its cash flow to expand that miner's operations...

    just my opinion...the logical place and the logical time...
    and Chicago would then be central to everything...

    happy trails,

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    • are you talking of a silver miner with enviornmental concerns

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      • monarch6500 Jan 25, 2013 2:03 PM Flag

        This issue will have about 250 million for new investment.
        From the last 10k there are about 48 million of convertibles that are able to be put back to the company
        after Mar, 15 2013. They would likely keep that amount as segregated monies.

        Ryepatch trial is scheduled for Sep 26 2013. Some of this may be scheduled for a possible
        settlement merger or whatever. Prudent management would think better save that sorry.

        Opening another mine would mean more capex and increasing production into a market that will see strong production overall for the next few year thus level pricing.

        I favor them buying large low price assets for long term resource useage.
        If those on Kitco are correct about 3000 gold and 100 sliver down the road sometime due to
        debt and monitazation then sitting on resource is good, maybe better than near term production.

        A completion of purchase of any of their partial interests seems likely.

        As a PZG enthusiast 3000/100 would work out to be about to about 37 dollars a share using 15 percent of the resource value in the ground. With it selling below 2.50 and with 150 million shares outstanding that would seem to make it an open market purchase of 375 million.

        It has been a good education so far.

        Go ecat ...

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • In your dreams......ya should be worrying about the Pal ant hill (with Franco ghosts lurking around everywhere), SB nationalization, Kenny output (and costs), and the Argentina Connection that's going to cost how much, and take how long to see a revenue stream from "another" World Class Mine" (that makes 4) after dumping 1-billion into getting it up and running.

        Yup, ya better buy something already producing....but it won't be HL.

        You guys don't even have enough "clear" cash to pay for the cash HL has squirreled away in the back

      • possibly one of the candidates, IMO...but CDE could expand its
        gold production...and there are a few possibles in that situation,
        as well...and most possibilities MIGHT only be there because of
        the high cash flow that will be required for expansion...that theoretically,
        CDE will have going forward from here...

        it won't be easy prying a great asset from the kind of folks I am
        thinking will have to look pretty sweet with whatever
        bag of goodies it brings to the table...

        not sure it is doable...but anything else that I can think of or has been
        speculated about is less than optimal for CDE shareholders, IMO...


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