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  • geomessenger_2000 geomessenger_2000 Feb 1, 2013 11:03 AM Flag

    unbelievable-paas,ssri,hl,svm even exk,first majestic-market or management

    interesting story, as usual, stahlz...

    I seem to recall that your sports equipment? distributor days that you had
    spent some time in St. Louis with some of the beer family, and I figured
    that business world might have an interest to you. It seems to me that
    there might be some parallels between the microbrewery to beer oligopoly
    and the explorer/small miner to super-miner. Idle speculations.

    Although I am wary of what might happen in Mexico, I am invested in
    the real miner run by geologist types, GORO, which actually seems
    devoted to giving out about a third of what I might in my non-accounting
    mind call cash flow as a dividend. They have made the decision to
    mine metal, not the investment community, and therefore their
    decisions do not need the kind of statistical BS that is required for
    a company like Rubicon, for instance. For edmund...extend your
    thought processes beyond what Sewells says about the nugget
    affect into believing in your model out to the time frame you expect
    sociological conditions will remain relatively predictable. Why do
    you need to know your ore system beyond that? If you do not,
    why spend front end money proving something beyond that, if
    you do not need to do that?

    Take the 5% home, and spend a little exploring enough to
    provide indications that the whole shebangy will last much
    longer...and maybe sell it to someone just before the other
    cultural factors makes it moot. I don' t know that is what
    they are doing, but I might do that, particularly in a place
    that I might wish to live.

    Good luck,


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