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  • geomessenger_2000 geomessenger_2000 Feb 1, 2013 3:33 PM Flag

    THEY are desperate...

    can't hold the miner index down...even while offering up shares of all
    kinds of very underpriced explorers and miners at lower prices to
    keep hold of the only thing they can still control to some degree...
    share prices...the metals are chomping at the bit...ready to go MY opinion...

    we shall soon see...

    the worms are turning...pretty neat...


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    • geo

      Perfect time for a 6 for 5 split !

      Just think Mr. Krebs your 77,003 shares will grow to 92,400 and all you have to do is sign the authorization that should be easily approved by the executive committee and the board .

      Smiles on faces of all of those executives and all of those owner's of those 72% of the company shares will be long lasting , realizing their brilliance for their investing in Coeur .

      Even Dennis will be happy for his choice in his replacement .

      PM prices go up and everybody makes money !

      I work cheap so I only expect to be awarded the partial share kitty that will accumulate during the conversion .

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 2 Replies to stahlz2000
      • Stahlz_ I disagree with your timing and multiples cited. The time for a split of 5 for 1 would be when Coeur shares are selling for $120.00ea. I see no advantage for even a small increase in
        shares while the share price is still so low that one can buy a 100 shares for under $2,500. A decent dividend of 5 annual percent ($100 million out of a $500 million cash flow) should be affordable without damaging the ability to acquire and explore for replacement ounces.

      • I'm so old fashioned I can't see how printing more shares is much different than
        printing more dollars. The amount of wealth behind the dollars and the shares
        isn't changed. Seems like a ponzi scheme to me. IF CDE is really a going
        concern right NOW, they could give a dividend. IF they have better assets
        in the ground than alternative ground assets they could acquire, then they
        could perhaps expand their production from those, and thereby grow
        internally. If they believe their exploration staff and/or engineering staff are
        more highly skilled than their competitors, they could use them more
        effectively than their competitors are and make better assets at a lower
        price than they could usually buy them on the open market. IF they are
        such a great company, let them prove it the old fashioned way. If their
        problem is the banksters, let them join a bunch of other resource companies
        and fight those same financial thieves. I think that is what their deal with
        Franco Nevada was/is get partnered with folks more related
        and sympathetic to their cause than the banksters. I think bashing the
        Franco Nevada deal is being orchestrated by the banksters.

        It isn't easy. It isn't nice. And there is NO doubt in my mind that CDE
        continues to struggle within a system that is totally corrupt and not
        capitalistic at all.


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