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  • utahrd55 utahrd55 Feb 13, 2013 3:53 PM Flag

    I Would Love to See First Majestic

    Raise their bid for Orko and CDE quietly walk away from the deal. We'll know more in 5 days.

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    • I'm from the AG board and it appears that AG must decide by 2/19. AG only holds mines in Mexico and 2 of their 5 operating mines were in the vacinity of the Orko LaPreciosa mine. If you read the Motley Fool or Sprott articles, AG is extremely efficient at valuation but even more efficient at bringing new mines on line with average silver content exceeding 90%... the highest in the industry.
      AG's efficiency comes from engineering personnel, advanced refining technologies and enviromental practices concentrated in one country. This is shared among the mines.

      That said, I think Neumeyer is more apt to walk away from the deal as accept it. He does not get into bidding wars. Therefore, I believe that sometime late Monday he'll give Orko a negative response and collect an $11 million termination fee from them per the December agreement.

      Therefore, in 5 days, CDE will have the winning bid for Orko but I don't think your shareholders will like the resulting price drop.

      Please read the Motley Fool article comparing AG's competencies in Mexico v. CDE's.
      AG has all the resources and expertise in place at the Orko mine... CDE does not!

      Good luck! If AG still owns it in 5 days then the unexplored LaPreciosa potential may be truly great.
      It's now estimated to hold 250,000 silver ounces. Mining it efficiently (lowest cost) is the key.

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