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  • vcaritas vcaritas Feb 14, 2013 9:39 AM Flag

    GDX up premarket Central Banks buying gold says Kitco

    Go to Kitco website and observe all the positives about gold: Russia buying, Central Banks buying massively...according to article MOST since 1964 says title of article.

    Another article: World Gold Supply Declines

    Another: Global Gold Demand Posts Second-Highest Quarter Ever...

    Then another article on gold and silver TECHNICAL WEAKNESS...which I have pointed out.

    No wonder the bashers, liars, manipulators and distorters reappeared in recent days on this message board.

    Not impossible the 'elite manipulators' (whom 'they' likely represent) decide to smash gold and silver down even more.

    For now, may try to add/trade to some bounces, including in CDE.

    Trying to beat 'em at their own game for the sake of my family.

    It is said Jimmy Stewart was a lover of




    These bashers appear to love no one but themselves and their destructive goals for this country and the world.

    Do not waster energy in hatred...EVER...or even resentment.

    'Where there is no love, put love, and there will be love.' But the Agape is one of praying for a conversion to positive goals...not one of allowing oneself to be duped.

    One of the names that appears here never raises a voice on other message boards against obscene posters and haters of the USA, but stalks those who appear to be advocates for the little guy, and for all positive ideals in the US and worldwide...even stalking them to other message boards.

    Was mocking those who were buying GSS on the way down from the 2's to the 1's and lower, but ignored all the disgusting other posters, who on some message boards post endless obscenities.

    May God Be with All

    Agape to Overflowing~

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