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  • rockyracoon2004 rockyracoon2004 Feb 19, 2013 3:46 PM Flag

    Expect a bumpy ride for a few days .......

    ......., as tonight Coeur finds out if its competitor for Orko chooses to match or even exceed Coeur's bid. Outcome could have significant impact on CDE share price.

    Also, the analysts haven't adequately updated their Q4 revenue estimates, as they show an average estimate of $230 million in spite of Coeur's pre-announcement that revenue would be in the $200-210 million range. Maybe the analysts just weren't paying attention to the details of that "warning" that was issued January 17. Whatever the reason, it's likely that when Coeur releases earnings on Thursday morning, the revenue number will be reported as a "miss", causing temporary downward pressure on the stock price. Offsetting this revenue miss will be a nice gain on derivatives, which the analysts always somehow fail to anticipate.

    So, keep your seatbelts fastened.

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    • It's beginning to look like we're going to have to keep our seatbelts fastened longer than I had anticipated. Not only are we seeing rapidly deteriorating metals prices, but we're taking on a large group of Orko shareholders who can't be in any way happy that CDE is down about 20% since the acquisition was announced. With about 12% of the outstanding shares, they will likely be Coeur's largest shareholder group. And they might become the most vocal. I suspect that when they receive their shares, they will sell in large chunks, precipitating additional downward pressure on the stock price. Could be rough riding for the next 3-6 months.

    • Rocky
      The derivatives will be big in favor of Coeur as you always pick up correctly .and post ..
      We are all expecting a miss and the manipers may play it exactly opposite .
      Big guys still in in CDE their constant 72 % .
      The only one I noticed missing from the "Heavy Hitter Investor List " is JPM .
      I believe they cut out when Silver was near the top in price and headed down ..
      They undoubtedly will return when Silver turns up in price .
      Van Eck and Black Rock are back in big .

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