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  • geomessenger_2000 geomessenger_2000 Mar 3, 2013 3:59 PM Flag

    so...edmund and stahlz...

    you'd be willing to take shares...straight premium...from CDE for your holdings
    in these juniors who have almost no possibility of raising the cash and talents to make
    their deposits into mines but whose deposits might be developed with the kind of capital
    that CDE could bring to CDE's borrowing interest rates of about 8%????

    OR do you think CDE will pay a large premium to the current prices of these junior stocks
    and you are rushing out to buy more shares of the juniors...maybe even trading out some
    Coeur shares for that fine opportunity?

    just you are playing this...and how you think CDE should play it...more
    precisely...because CDE is one of your big horses in this silver race...

    eh kemosabe?
    hi ho silver...away...


    eh pancho, eh cisco...

    is there room for a Canadian miner in between the "eh"'s ???

    weird enough...from the early B&W 1950's...happy trails to you...

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    • Being perfectly honest I do not have a large holding in CDE presently .
      Bought 300 shares a few days ago at $19.63 thinking the price was near a bottom .
      The manipers have been in charge and I assume they will buy in when they feel it is worth it to them .
      I have not been buying shares but fooling around with some options .
      I have been caught before by selling too many Puts .
      At one point I had 85,000 shares before the reverse split and was a big loser .
      I think Krebs will be keeping Coeur in the hunt for bargains and I will be watching for a major purchase of Calls or sale of Puts .
      Don't think it is easy for any miner share holder presently .unless there is a buy out .
      Most all PM miner's charts are bad .

      Meanwhile I am involved from the beginning with a stemcell company , a cancer cure company and a very large position in a private company that has a medical device .

      Been in and out of a few very cheap PM miners where I have been thinking along the lines the same as Edmund .

      One high volume winner will make me smile and make it all worth while .
      Until then I am as bewildered as anybody !

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