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  • geomessenger_2000 geomessenger_2000 Mar 4, 2013 11:24 AM Flag

    OT...vcaritas...the farm...

    perhaps a key has been found to some of the
    terrible neural diseases plaguing many of our
    lives through association, if not our persons...
    prana researchers seem to becoming more

    again, thanks for sharing your ideas, hopes
    and bets...


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    • Congrats on your having 'bet the farm' on this little gem. Shoulda overweighted there instead of EXK for those moves.

      There is very LITTLE PUBLICITY about the marvels of natural sources of healing, whether through placental or adult stem cells (rather than embryonic, which still have many problems, from ethical to scientific), herbs, vitamins or this case, minerals being a factor.

      There ARE published studies indicating superb results for nature-based solutions to many medical the case of PRAN...we are learning more about metals in medical condition, esp zinc, but others as well...'metal chaperones ... novel therapeutic agents for tauotherapy.'

      Check out research by Roger Williams, Dr. Carl Pfeiffer, MD, PhD and the much-maligned Dr. Linus Pauling...'orthomolecular' medicine and similar. Indications a great spectrum of medical conditions may be at least helped by some of these approaches...from mental illness to immune conditions and even allergy.

      'Mainstream' does not 'like' people who heal or are healed in unorthodox ways, esp. in ways that may become competition for 'big money' I like to support small biotech when/where I think there is merit..verbally...and also with cash when/if possible.

      The medical bureaucracy did not 'like' the presentations by Nobel Prize winners who discovered that h pylori may be a factor in many ulcers. Some stubborn. Some greedy.

      'Science' must always be open to new data, new information, new methods, and must always insist on verification of former 'beliefs' that were falsely claimed to be the 'last word' on medical conditions...or ...for example... in climate science, which is still in its infancy. Those who stifle debate, discussion, review, objections, new methods...are often stifling the advancement of science. There are actually climate models which HAVE predicted what is actually occurring at the level of satellite data...not 'popular.'




      Agape ~

      • 1 Reply to vcaritas
      • yep...mankind tends to follow the same cow paths across
        the paddocks...or come out to the same place at the same
        time that the rancher usually delivers the additional feed...

        none of us are fully immune from reflexive responses...

        and, so, pied piper finds opportunity in that...

        as does a particularly dogged, inventive individual...

        keep up the keeping up...on the old trails or
        blazing cross-country...there be surprises
        and enchantments ahead on both...


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